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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Nintendo Surprises Yet Again With Hyrule Warriors

Hyrule Warriors
On Sept. 26 a comparatively different game "Nintendo's Hyrule Warriors" will be available in North America which was originally released in Japan.

With help from two external studios like Team Ninja, & Omega Force developers and creators of Dead or Alive series and Ninja Gaiden & Dynasty Warriors respectively, Nintendo brought about a game a lot like The Legend of Zelda, however the game play is a different level all together. Unlike traditional puzzle-solving and exploration elements, Hyrule Warriors pushes its players into hack-and-slash action.

This change in game concept can lead to Nintendo's fortune change as it involves the signature character completing levels through exploration rather than brute force. Their current approach of developing games with a similar pattern did not work well and on business aspect too even Mario was unable to generate revenue. Hero Link is called upon once again to draw his sword to save the realm, however this time to try something different. The game starts Just like Zelda game where the hero is called upon to stop new evil, however Link goes for action and stick as other heroes of the land of Hyrule fight stronger opponents and threats.

Though unsure if the brute force approach will be embraced by gamers, there has been a mixed review since some of the gamers felt it repetitive and underdeveloped story. Wanda Meloni, senior analyst at M2 Research addressed the TechNewsWorld. That Hyrule warrior is a mix of both The Legend of Zelda and Dynasty Warriors games. Inview of trying to create a unique game for the Wii U, Nintendo is losing on their Zelda fans. She also added that Zelda being one of Nintendo's strong brands they have plans for changes in order to keep gamers on the Nintendo platforms.

Even though the storytelling it is not fully revolutionary, other gamers felt different as it is new break from the ordinary. Susan Schreiner, analyst for C4 Trends, commented to TechNewsWorld that the game was impressive and may grab gamers due to Link's direct approach. She said that since its a mix of Nintendo's two strong franchises and the game being more interactive with expanded adventure they are expecting a good response from the gamers. There are a few free downloads at the game launch wherein there will be access to new modes, weapons and alternate in-game costumes for Link and Zelda.

Through Nintendo, company wants to show that they can contribute in different branches through their different characters. The company doesn't want to depend on only one character at a time and neither the company's revenue is linked with just one title. Hyrule Warriors is among one of the numerous releases aimed to draw attention towards Wii U.

According to Schreiner, Nintendo has a lot of stuff lined up for release this quarter of year and also around the holiday season. Through this title the company is aiming to give a good reason for the game players to stick with their long time favorite. The end question remains if the game will able to draw enough players and if it has got the potential if is showcasing through Hyrule Warriors.

Friday, 26 April 2013

Wii U’s latest E 3.0.0 firmware is available !

Nintendo just put online a new firmware for the Wii U version 3.0.0 E. It is of course the big update awaited from the beginning of the year, which adds many features to the console, but also improves responsiveness. This is the day of early correction for the Wii U, or rather his great spring update. Promised since the beginning of the year by Nintendo, firmware 3.0.0 E console is now available and provides many additions to the machine. The first of these is an overall improvement in the responsiveness of the console menus. Return to the main menu of the Wii U while a game is running will for example half the time before. The smoothness of menus is also improved, and the stability of the system.

Now, downloads and gaming facilities will continue, even if the console is in standby. Also purchased from the eShop titles are installed automatically in the background once they finished downloading. Access to the Wii console mode is also simplified. Rather than having to dig through menus to switch between the Wii and Wii U fashion, simply to keep the B button gamepad support for the start of the Wii console to access menus. It is also noted that the deployment of this update coincides with the launch of the Virtual Console service, which should be done in the day, some NES and SNES games should be available today. Note that the firmware weighs no less than 637 MB, and Nintendo provides this update will take about one hour to install on our machines. Note full update is not yet available on the French site Nintendo, but English version is available here on the General Info / Wii U System and Feature Updates tree.