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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Facebook Messenger Launches Instant Games

Facebook Messenger Instant Games

Instant Games Launched by Facebook

Recently Instant Games a series of titles which can be played in the Messenger iOS and Android app, or through the website of the company, had been launched by Facebook. As per TechCrunch, the game is quick to load as they tend to be delivered through HTML5 instead of full downloads. Real time multiplayer presently is not available though players can participate through high score rankings.The preliminary slate of game comprises of titles such as Galago, Pac-Man, Space Invaders together with Words With Friends Frenzy with free of ads as well as in-game purchases at present.

Screenshots of their high scores can be sketched by the players and share games to their Facebook News Feed that would enable t other players to join in promptly. In the case of developers, Instant Games access is in closed beta wherein they need to apply for the same.

As for the public, though the games seem to be accessible in 30 regions, including Canada, Russia, the U.S., Germany, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Mainland China has been excluded where Facebook has been banned. Facebook has been anticipating that some friendly competition would get the user to spend some more time in Messenger and compete asynchronously through high scores rather than directly simultaneously. Hence it is appropriate to try your luck at times.

Available on iOS/Android

Instant Games, in the long run could earn Facebook ad dollars from the developers who tend to promote their games or a cut in payments but there are no in-games purchases permitted yet. Instant Games has been launched in 30 countries with 17 games from classic developers such as Bandai Namco, Konami and Taito together with latest studios comprising of Zynga and King.

It is made available on latest iOS and Android devices and can be located by hitting the game controller icon in Facebook Messenger thread towards the photos and stickers buttons. Moreover, one could also play through platforms from Facebook on desktop due to an overlaid phone screen.

Social gaming had been dominated by Facebook around 2008 when its desktop app platform had been well-known for playing around for utilities. It had earned a peak of quarter-billion dollars for each quarter on its 30% tax on in-games purchases. Their addictive as well as viral nature enabled Facebook to develop its user count as well as commitments.

Attempts to Build HTML5 Game Platform – Project Spartan

Presently 15% of time on Facebook.con tend to be spent on playing games but the payment profitsseems to have reduced to $196 million in the most recent quarter. Since users seemed to shift to mobile, Facebook noticed that it had been shut out of gaming and only iOS and Android could run native app stores.

 It was they who had benefitted from taxes on in-game payments. In 2011, Facebook had been frantically making attempts in building an HTML5 game platform known as Project Spartan but had failed since the mobile web standard had not been adequately strong to build games which could rival with flashy download with native apps. Over a period of time the developers have identified how to have improved graphics together with responsive gameplay out of HTML5.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Facebook Messenger Just Rolled Out 'Secret Conversations'

Secret Conversations

In this digital age consumers are more concerned about their privacy than they have ever before. Facebook is trying to build its credibility in terms of enhancing the security towards safeguarding the privacy of the billion users on its social media platform. For last two months Facebook has been trialing the Secret Conversation named feature which aims to offers end-to-end encryption feature on the Messenger app. A update to the app finally brings this much need encryption to the Facebook messaging app which has more than a billion users on global scale.

Secret Conversation a much needed feature for Messenger

A number of chat apps like SnapChat, WhatsApp and others are already providing the encryption on its platform to safeguard the communication of the users from prying eyes. Over the years chat apps has cemented themselves as a central mode of communication giving way to the age old text messaging.

Having this feature on Messenger will help in placing it among the secure and reliable apps category which will certainly aid in the adoption rate among the targeted audience. End-to-end encryption offers dual benefits as not just app owners but even the hackers and law enforcement agencies wouldn’t be able to access the user information in any way.

How to Use Secret conversations? 

Facebook Messenger will require users to ‘opt-in’ to the Secret Conversations feature. Users can make use of the Secret Conversation by manually selecting ‘Secret’ each time they need to initiate an encrypted conversation with friends. Messenger users can even add expiration time for their sent messages which range from 5 to 24 hour which is quite similar to SnapChat offering. However using the Secret Conversation will limit the amount of action user can perform while sending a message such as access to chatbots, animated GIFs and businesses will be turned off.

Report on messaging apps brings incredible insight

A detailed report generated by Business Insider on messaging apps brings a more refined and valuable look on the messaging market, value and potential. Right in the beginning it states that mobile messaging apps have transformed itself as a massive market with hundreds of millions of monthly active users.

The rise in messaging service apps and their adoption is directly influenced by the steep rise in the penetration of internet and falling of data prices couple with cheaper devices on global scale. Even to reign among the top 5-10 messaging apps isn’t an easy task as user’s preference keeps shifting with time therefore apps has to come up with new innovative ideas to keep their users engaged on their platform.

Currently the leaders in the messaging app platform happen to be the Asian messaging apps such as WeChat, LINE and Kakao Talk. All of these apps commands huge user base while Messenger is still in the nascent stage when compared to the amount of features and services these established apps present to the consumers. However with Secret Conversation Facebook is bringing the challenge back to the leaders in a most credible manner.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

You Can All Finally Encrypt Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

Facebook – Secret Conversation

Whatsapp had put up a code with the addition of new layers of security to the apps of billion users with the creation of the largest end-to-end encrypted messaging network in history. WhatsApp’s parent company Facebook has now eventually provided it users using its other hugely famous chat app with the opportunity to catch up. As informed to WIRED, a spokesperson of Facebook had informed that the company had completed rolling out `Secret Conversations’ to 900 million Facebook Messenger users in the last few weeks.

The chosen feature enabled users to encrypt their messages in order that no one could read them with the exception of the two individuals at each end of a chat and not even Facebook or law enforcement of the intelligence organizations. A description stated in the app that when users had initiated their first encrypted conversation `your messages are already secure, though Secret Conversation are encrypted from one device to another’.

While the updates of the software of the company for iOS as well as Android have not been clearly mentioned the feature of encryption, those who tend to update their Messenger app would now find the choice of `secret option towards the top right area of the `new message’ screen.

Opt for Snapchat-Style Termination

Moreover the feature also permits the transmitters to opt for Snapchat-style termination time for messages which may vary from five seconds to a day. Users who have updated the app have the facility of sending or receiving encrypted time-sensitive messages and hence users are recommended to update as early as possible.

Secret Conversation tends to use the Signal encryption system which seems to have a healthy status in the security community. It had been established by the non-profit Open Whisper System that had implemented the encryption layer first in its own Signal app before teaming with the other companies to include the procedure.

The new security mechanism had been first announced by Facebook and had been tested with beta users in July. Google had also recently launched the Allo messenger which included the encryption choice.

New Feature – Strong/Simple Encryption

The new layer of encryption of Facebook Messenger needs to be enabled manually for each conversation instead of being changed on by default since it is in the Signal app or WhatsApp. The conclusion could be a measure of a negotiation with the purpose of assisting Facebook to prevent legal as well as political difficulties.

The default encryption of WhatsApp for instance seems to have already placed its parent company in an uncomfortable spot at least once when the authorities of Brazil had arrested an executive of Facebook in the country for his negligence in helping police decrypt WhatsApp messages that had been send in a drug trafficking case, by criminal suspects.

However, the opt-in move has brought about the scorn of privacy advocates when Facebook had announced Secret Conversation, such as the tweet from ACLU technologist Chris Soghoian. Considering it or not, the new feature of Facebook tends to bring in strong, simple encryption to hundreds of millions of users.

The spread to the other ultra-popular messaging services, with the combination of end-to-end encryptions, stopping investigations has never been easy.

Monday, 28 September 2015

How Facebook Plans to Make Money on Messenger

Facebook Messenger has already become a new revolutionizing way for the companies to communicate their business through its private messages. Just take a scenario a person buys a bag of chips and happens to find all broken and he just uses the Facebook Messenger private chat service to express his displeasure. Within six months of Messenger business features launch a large number of businesses had started utilizing this platform to engage with their customers and provide them with quick and active customer services.

Facebook’s head of ads and Pages executive, Andrew Bosworth has revealed the company’s intention to monetize the private chats for better returns. It was expected that sooner or later Messenger will help the Facebook in generating some valuable income and it has some incredible ideas to test out.

Facebook is trying some new ideas

Facebook for long had tried kept it away from any revenue generation model and focused on providing an exciting and commendable platform for social networking. But at last it has to monetize its platform in order to generate some revenue no for its own benefit but also for the investors. Now it is planning to make some money on the Messenger, which is tricky, but Facebook has some ideas to try out. Bosworth has hinted about few ideas, which can help business in driving by bringing in repeat customers, or offering them discounts over the Messenger.

Facebook to integrate M in Messenger
Earlier this month Facebook has unveiled its M, which is essentially an artificial intelligence assistant for the users. A number of companies are using Facebook to communicate with their customers and offer fast and quick resolution to their problems in a more interactive fashion. M can help a lot in automating the process of dealing with numerous customers on the social media platform. It should be noted that M happens to be more refined and robust artificial digital assistant who helps people in performing wide number minor to tasks like making restaurant reservation to ordering flowers.

More features can be integrated into Messenger

The digital assistant M makes it possible to add more core features to the Messenger, which will help in businesses in a productive manner. Click-to-message ad features are being testing out by the companies on the Message to assess its potential. It works in a simplistic manner whenever a user clicks on any one of these ads then it helps in launching a private Messenger conversation with that particular business. More hardcore features like payments and customer care services via Messenger are also possible. It is worth noting that Messenger service is utilized by more than 700 million worldwide each month.

Bosworth even said there is possibility of virtual reality integrating in future, as Facebook own the Occulis Rift, which is now making come riveting VR headsets for the consumers. Virtual Reality experience is also a great avenue to bring ads as human life does include ads. Having ads in the virtual sphere will be an exciting and remarkable in itself.

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Facebook Launches New Groups App For iOS And Android

Facebook Groups App
Facebook is one app, which can be found on every Smartphone. On 18 November, Facebook announced the launch of groups for iOS and Android. This group with have functionality very similar to that of the app due to all being connected to the same social media platform. Users will be able to download Android app directly from Google play store, whereas iPhone users get this app from the Apple’s App Store.

What is the group all about? 

Compared to the regular Facebook website accessible on the PC and on the Facebook mobile app, the group app will have lot in stored for the users, which extends more than basic functions like chatting, discussion, collaboration, and planning. Groups for iOS and Android the users to choose between different groups, they will be able to join new groups, manage their notifications, and learn about additional features and contents.

According to Facebook, the main idea for building this new app came from the people who are interact more in their groups. The whole objective is to give people an app, which will provide them an easier and faster mean of interacting in their chosen groups. However, people need to remember that, Facebook is in no mood to remove the group feature out of their main app as they did with the messenger application.

The advantage of this app is that, if you already have Facebook main app and messenger app on your phone, then when you trying to login to Group app, you will get a notification asking if you would like to login as the same person. The account holder of the Facebook will not have to login separately in all these apps of Facebook. In the Facebook group app, the users will get their groups aligned according to their preference and usage. This will allow them to move easily between each of these groups. Since all these apps use the same icon (Facebook), notification are received in the same form. However, the user’s can change this in their settings option.

According to the recent performance report, the company claimed that as of Q3, 2014, they noticed 700 million people using the groups every month. The Company is not considering this app has any experimental launch but considering it part of their main operation on the line of messenger app.

However, as this app has been developed by the same company, which produced many experimental apps, suggesting that Facebook is still not very confident about this new app. The company is releasing the app on iOS and Android platform all around the world, but they do not intend to get windows anytime soon. Although the company has not made any upgrades in the Group feature but it is still a very popular feature of the main app. For a long time people expected upgrades to come out and the rumor mills indicated the time for September.

For PC users, they should soon be expecting notification about groups that you can join.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Chat Heads integrated in Facebook Messenger

Chat Heads, one of the new applications introduced with Facebook Home, is available independently via the Facebook Messenger application. It provides access to a conversation regardless of the application that is being used. Facebook launched last Friday Facebook Home, its wrapper which transforms an Android Smartphone into "Facebook phone" with a "family of applications" that provide direct and permanent access to updates and the social messaging network. Among these new features is the implementation chat heads that includes Facebook and SMS messaging and is available regardless of the application that is being used. It is also available independently Facebook Home in the new version of Facebook Messenger. Once updated for devices running Android 2.2 and later, users receive Facebook notifications when a message or an SMS is sent. The faces of the speakers appear as thumbnails in the upper right corner of the screen and simply press it to open the conversation. As with Facebook Home, chat heads works with any active application which is an easy option that may overshadow other messaging applications.