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Wednesday 3 June 2015

Sony to Roll out 'Ultra Street Fighter IV' PS4 Patch

Sony has announced to release patch for its recently launched Ultra Street Fighter IV by next week for the PlayStation 4 (PS4) users. The gamers have already complained about the lag in the game in form of unwanted glitches, lag in inputs and some silly but important shortcomings like the button which starts the screen is non-existent along with other issues. In short this game doesn’t provide optimum level of gameplay experience which Sony games are known to deliver.

The Much Awaited Patch For PS4 Users

A tweet has revealed about the much awaited patch by none other than the Sony Director of Third Party Production, Gio Corsi. Tweet had shared the information that patch had been successfully completed by the game developers and it will be tested to analyse its performance. Once this patch successfully passes in the test it will be rolled out for the all the legitimate game users.

The Problems Faced By The Game Players

Ultra Street Fighter IV was launched in March by Sony with a huge fanfare and great expectations of providing a demanding and adventurous game for the gamers. But it turned out to be plagued by a huge number of bugs along with menu slow down. Play Station platforms are designed in such a way that it offers an exclusive and dominant version which can be easily used for the tournaments and other purposes. Furthermore Play Station 4 offers better graphics and gameplay functionalities over the predecessor PS3.

Ultra Street Fighter IV Fails To Feature In Game Tournaments

Due to the number of reports relating to the glitches and problems along with input lags in Ultra Street Fighter IV, Capcom decided not to include this exciting fighting game for tournament play. Capcom certainly won’t be allowing this game in the tournament for aggressive gameplay until the issue is rectified or resolved from the Sony. Even other tournament organisers are dwelling on their decision whether to use this game on the PS4 platform or not. Sony has maintained that this game is very much playable on the Xbox 360 platform without suffering any glitches or problems. Sony and Capcom are required to address this problem and rectify it as soon as possible; otherwise it will certainly destroy its reputation on the PS4 platform.

Patch Expected To Resolve All Issues

Ultra Street Fighter IV had suffered problems both on the online and offline gameplay which seriously diminished the quality of game in all essential sections of graphics, audio and video retention. Menus happened to load terribly slowly along with jagged textures and numerous technical glitches which were subsequently reported by the game players. Sony has confirmed that it will be releasing patched to fix the bugs present in the game through a synchronized roll out plan. The Ultra Street Fighter IV fans are delighted by this development and they are hoping that Capcom will reconsider its decision of excluding the game from EWO 2015.

Wednesday 20 November 2013

Sony Playstation 4 Technical problems “Blue Light of Death”

Blue Light of Death
In the U.S., many gamers report total failures of the new Sony console. Comes after the “Yellow Light of Death “is now the "Blue Light of Death”; many gamers report of defective Playstation 4 consoles give the strips a blue flash of light itself.

The gaming world is waiting for the launch of the Playstation 4 we have already received a developer console! It should be the gamer’s highlight of the year, but for many players, the release of the Playstation 4 has degenerated to the annoyance. The official Playstation forum is littered with indignant and disappointed contributions of PS4 owners whose console has given up the ghost later out of the box or in a very short time.

The symptom is the same everywhere: the light bar in the center of the case flashes blue after power, output picture and sound do not take place, a short time later, the device switches off - a start in Safe mode is also not possible. Sony took up position on the subject already, and advises to check hard drive, power cable and TV firmware.

However, according to many user contributions creates none of the points help. Some gamers had their Playstation 4 already be picked up by Sony, as the blue light can also refer to various other hardware defects by the manufacturer.
The repair will take about three weeks, according to the gamblers. Let's hope that Sony will solve these problems before the European launch on 29 November gets to grips with.

Friday 26 April 2013

New Share Button On Sony PS4

With the Share button on the Sony PS4 game controllers breaks new ground. In this case the invention was a quick shot. Thanks Share Button Share gamer moments of the game by pressing a button with friends. The Share button is one of the biggest innovations of the Playstation 4 controller. It owes its origin, according to a media report the idea of Sony Santa Monica developer Nathan Gary. They proposed the idea during a meeting before - and landed a direct hit. After they had agreed on the hardware of the PS4, They spent months planning the social functions of the console. When Gary then proposed to build in an extra button to connect to social networks, everyone was thrilled. According to Yoshida, you got the idea act directly implemented into practice. This is the next evolution of the Playstation gamepads: the DualShock controller 4. On the front there is a touchpad, as you know from laptops.

With the Share button upload video games up to the Internet. Even live broadcasts, which are engaged by your friends should be possible via the Share button and streaming. Admittedly, it is not necessarily a flood of information unleashed on the official Sony Playstation website. But at least the manufacturer since the unveiling in February for the first time provides new details on the PS4. So it is possible in the future to test every game in the Playstation Store previously via Gaikai free. A special demo is no longer necessary. The free sample go through streaming and download without waiting vonstatten and let yourself start out from the online store. As a further decision support on-screen videos are from friends who have already bought the game. According to Sony when needed easily via a pressure on the share button to allow your friends to follow your game live in the stream. Increases someone on your invitation, he may - with the prior permission - take over a join button control in your game, give advice or rich helpful items such as health packs. He does not play this same game on his console in parallel. Sony is targeting to make any PS4 game via Remote Play on PS Vita. Considering the fact that this works with the PS3 only in a few selected titles, enormous progress. Via smartphone and tablet wants to follow in the footsteps of social networks and keep gamers via app permanently game-related events with friends up to date Sony. How to record successes and outstanding achievements of colleagues automatically documented with a video or a screenshot and displayed on your "Wall". Despite official presentation of the PS4 is a myth. Specific details for the Sony console iron reserves for itself. Also, in a recent interview with a magazine Sony vice-president Michael Denny differs skillfully with all questions relating to general answers.

Only when it comes to selling price can be drawn from his remarks vague conclusions. So Denny makes it clear that they wanted to appeal to the widest range of players and we've learned from the difficult start of the PS3. He could not name a specific price, but his words could already draw a conclusion. Accordingly, Sony aims to achieve a favorable selling price, in which players have the opportunity strike. It would have to come into direct competition for the Wii U, which already has with their price 350-399 Euro struggle to find buyers. Since the PS4 with its multimedia capabilities has a significant value on board, a price around 400 Euros seems realistic and appealing to all audiences. According to the report of which you may have in the future more than ever, because Sony increases the current limit of 100 friends. Your account, as suggested in advance, subject only to a player, not to the console. Optionally, you link your playstation with your Facebook account, but are then probably forced to use your real name in the Playstation Network. The spectator mode is apparently firmly integrated into the Playstation 4, so that game developers do not need to install it separately in each title.

 A pressure on the Share button starts the mode. While friends watch you when you play, you send a long press on the Share button in the comments and take screenshots. Also streaming of games on the PS Vita is apparently an integral part of the PS4 hardware. This probably means that you can transfer any game on the handheld. To see the game at the same time on the TV screen and the display of the Vita. Since the Vita has fewer shoulder buttons than a normal controller, Sony automatically sets the appropriate functions to other keys. Developers to edit the assignment if necessary. The action buttons on the new DualShock controller are not as similar to previous models, but digital - game developers have made little use of the opportunities of the pressure sensitive buttons. The light bar on the gamepad lights according to the report available in blue, green, red, pink, marking the Player. The innovative touch pad control unit has a resolution of 1920x900 pixels and is thus able to register very fine movements. Sony revealed that connecting the new Playstation Eye camera via USB, but an in-house format plug to the console. The company introduced an app for iOS and Android, which allows go buy the Playstation Store and download the purchased software directly. Come on home, place so go away.

Tuesday 10 May 2011

Sony confirms the development of the PlayStation 4

While Sony endlessly to meet security challenges on each of its services; the manufacturer confirmed him despite the ongoing development of its next home console. Indeed, during a meeting with investors, Masaru Kato, currently executive vice president of the firm, was forced to justify a net increase in spending on research and development.