Tuesday, 24 June 2014

How to Avoid Virus and Malware on Android

Common sense is needed in keeping infected apps off the Android device which like any computer system, tends to get affected with malware and virus and Android too can get affected with it. Android has checks and balances which help to keep one safe most of which can be done with ease following the basic steps needed:

If you Don’t know what it is, Don’t Install it 

The first important step is if you don’t know about the app, do not install it. It is advisable to refrain from blindly installing Android application file which one may receive in email or linked to spam mail or even in various forums in the internet. Knowledge of the app is very essential before installation of the same.

Only install from Google Play or Reputed App Stores 

Caution should be exercised while installing app where most of them come in duplication which could be prone to viruses and malware. Apps should be installed from reputed app stores which can be done with safety and comfort. Random download from unreliable stores should be avoided which could save the device from virus and malware.

Uncheck `Install from Unknown Sources’

Android devices by default have access to Google Play ships with a lock which keeps application other than Google store from getting installed. This is one of the safest feature and with this locking system, the user gets a warning whenever an application makes an attempt in the installation from other app stores. Should the user have the inclination of installing an app, disabling the lock can be done by ticking of the `Unknown source’ in the security setting.

Read the Permission 

At the time of installing any app on the Android phone, either from Google Play or any other app stores, the app will declare permission to access to download on the phone and keyboard app need to record the keystrokes. Reputed app developers tend to lit the reasons in their listings of app though users also need to be somewhat vigilant

Most Trusted App Markets –Google Play/Amazon AppStore 

Malware and viruses on Android devices is something which the user should be aware of since they can send unwanted spam to anyone in your contacts in worst situations even rack up charged under the users’ accounts, though this can be easily avoided by making use of the tips mentioned above. Users should also be cautious while Sideloading apps especially of third party app stores.

 Downloading App files from locations besides Google Play Store and then manually installing them is known as Sideloading and is an essential step in accessing to apps which are not available. The recent hit game `Flappy Bird’, which is no longer avails in the Play Store can be manually sideloaded on the smartphones though at the time of installing the game from unknown sources, the user may tend to run the risk of infecting the phone with virus.

One should also a third party app store which promises free games along with other apps which normally come with a price. The most trusted app markets are Google Play and the Amazon AppStore. Installing anti-virus apps could also be helpful as an additional precaution which will occasional scan the device for malicious files, monitor the memory usage and provide alerts on any vulnerability in the system.

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