Saturday, 3 September 2016

Sony, DJI and Lenovo Show off New Smartphone Camera Tech


It was at the IFA tech show held at Berlin that a new kit had been announced, the kit enhances camera products. The gadget helps in making videos shot on smartphones seem as if they have been recorded using a Steadicam and at the same time, a plug in that reduces the cost of 360 photography. However the flagship phone of Sony also has come up with some new photography features of its own.

Carolina Milanesi’s take 

One of the consumer tech analyst, Carolina Milanesi ofCreative Strategies mentioned that since people nowadays are always with their phone in hand, vendors are aiming at adding on things to sell to them. The camera is one of the most used features however the price also matters because when a vendor is considering charging a price of $300 [£226] for a mere add on could lead to customers opting to by a separate device in itself.

Snap-on zoom

Lenovo's Moto Z phone with its snap on accessory will be a true judge to check customer’s willingness to up their budgets. A 10x optical zoom is provided by the Hasselblad True Zoom which has superior results in comparison normal smartphone cameras that make use of digital cropping. Users would be able to take Raw photos which enables users to alter the pictures better thus making them more detailed tan Jpegs by using editing software’s. The accessory cost is half of that of the Moto Z which is £199 however it is still cheaper than the camera accessory DxO One of the iPhone which is £399 and launched last year. Reviews claim that DxO One provides better quality in comparison to Hasselblad.

Steadier shots

Sony is emerging a camera add-on of its own - the life-logging Xperia Eye. However its major focus is on new smartphone, the Xperia XZ. The firm gloats it is the main handset camera to highlight five-pivot picture adjustment, which means it can make up for the gadget being up and down and left and right off its imprint notwithstanding pitch, yaw and roll.


This component was beforehand constrained to top of the line cameras, including Sony's Alpha extent. Be that as it may, in the phone, the adjustment is accomplished by adding a product impact to the recording as opposed to moving the sensor about, as the cameras do. Subsequently, it is less powerful.

Additionally, the phone can utilize the capacity just when recording video in 1080p superior quality, and not the 4K resolution it is prepared to do. Different developments incorporate the presentation of a laser-based self-adjust framework - a component spearheaded by LG's before G3 telephone - and new shading detecting tech incorporated with the sensor that helps it make white-parity judgements. "I trust it's a bit excessively specialized, making it impossible to resound with most purchasers," said Mr.Jijiashvili. What's more, when I saw the adjustment illustrated, it wasn't an awe-inspiring change. That is an issue for Sony.

Cinematic shots'

Drone-maker DJI is aiming phone owners with disposable income for its new stabilization system. A handheld support Osmo Mobile known as gimbal, makes use of motors controlled by computers which help in stabilizing the attached smartphone across three axes.

This device may be used on phones from Apple, Huawei and Samsung and ensures to capture cinematic shots. Costing £289, it is a lot more expensive than other rivals in the market such as Feiyu and Zhiyun. At the same time, Steadicam produces stabilizers of a lower cost which do not require batteries or motors. The original DJI Osmo which is approximately 60% more in price and comes with its own camera has been highly appreciated by those who wish to make more professional videos.

360-degree views

Though not the most advanced in the market, the camera add ons of Alcatel’s are low in terms of cost when it comes to virtual reality or 360-degree interactive photos. French firm Alcatel’s 360 camera has two versions, one is rectangular in shape, while the other is ball –shaped.

Both are used in the same manner by plugging it into the phone and they both comprise of the same features. It costs a mere 99 euros which is cheaper by more than fifty percent of rivals such as Samsung, LG and Theta. However customers would have to wait for at least another year until the add on is compatible with other handsets.

Alcatel makes used of the processor, memory and battery in the phone itself since it is connected to the phone via the MicroUSB port mentions George Jijiashvili of CCS Insight. Since both Facebook as well as YouTube are promoting 360-degree content there is a distribution to almost 1. 6 billion people.

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