Friday, 30 September 2016

Technology: Soon You Can Own a Jet


The Personal Jet – A New Category of Aircraft

A new category of aircraft called `The Personal Jet’ has been created by Cirrus Aircraft to reimagine and reinvent the jet airplane wherein the $2million single-engine SF50 Vision Jet of the firm will be equipped with features and would not need a professional pilot. Cirrus had been established in 1984 and has its base in Minnesota. It is also known for producing the VK-30 kit aircraft in 1987.

 The firm has stated that they are adhering to the tradition and have designed a seamless monocoque carbon fuselage `which is lighter and stronger making it the state-of-the-art pressure vessel in its class’ The aircraft manufacturer has included its Airframe Parachute System which had saved more than 90 lives in the earlier variants. The new jet, according to Cirrus would be transforming personal travel and would be ready to fly towards the end of this year.

Presently, Cirrus is waiting for the approval of Federal Aviation Administration and after it has been awarded, the firm would be in a position of fulfilling over 600 deliveries to individuals who have already provided the deposit including head coach Rick Carlisle of Dallas Mavericks, according to reports from Barrons.

A Revolution in Personal Transportation

The Cirrus Aircraft website reads - `not requiring a full-time professional pilot or a full blown flight department, the Vision Jet fills the untapped void between high performance pistons and the Very Light Jet. Simpler to fly and easier to operate and own, the Vision Jet is truly a revolution in personal transportation.It makes jet performance accessible to pilots and aircraft owners who till now could only dream’.

The Vision Jet tends to fit in a standard 40-foot hanger which is about 11 feet tall having a wingspan of 38 feet. The Cirrus Aircraft designed this personal aircraft with the essential amenities is required for a day in the air. states that those who desire to fly the craft would need to complete jet-type rating course, though the jet maker had mentioned a full-time professional pilot would not be needed. But also for the first time flyers, the control display has been designed to make piloting very easy.

Capability of Personalizing How Information can be Presented

The five passengers would be having access to the full airplane parachute, zoned climate controls together with airbag seat belts, leather interior, USB charging ports and huge windows to enable the five passengers to take in the locations.

According to Flight Club, pilots would have the capability of personalizing how the information tends to be presented on two touch screens in the cockpit, like the automatic pressurization scheduling, weather radar data in real-time, satellite phone integration, text messaging and much more. The Vision Jet has a tendency to cruise at 300 knots true airspeed – KTAS, 345m miles per hour, utilising its 33 turbofan which tends to produce 1,800 pounds of thrust.

When the jet seems to hit around 28,000 feet in the air, it is said that the aircraft gets pressurized to simulate an 8,000 foot cabin. Consumers interested in purchasing have the choice of upgrading to seven seats, with an addition of entertainment display, Wi-Fi ground link together with improved real-time weather radar.

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