Wednesday 7 September 2016

iPhone 7: The Top 11 Possible New Features

Apple is organizing the release of the iPhone 7 in September and the next generation of its flagship handset is anticipated to have a multitude of latest features comprising of an enhanced camera, faster processor with no headphone jack. As the Silicon Valley giant seems to prepare to unveil the devices in September. Some of the top features which the iPhone 7 would have and probably would be introduced are:

1. Improved Camera

As per rumours regarding the iPhone 7 the handset is said to be provided with a bigger camera. Some images have implied that the iPhone 7 Plus would have a dual-lens camera together with a smaller 4.7-inch handset, a much larger with extended camera lens. The upgraded camera is said to be one of the biggest draws of the new phone

2. Eradicating the home button

It has been recommended that Apple would be eliminating the home button entirely on the iPhone 7 and would replace it with a fingerprint scanner beneath the screen. Recently the company had filed a patent for technology which would enable this modification signifying that it is in the works though is not likely to be ready in time for the release of the iPhone 7. The iPhone 7 on the contrary would have pressure sensitive home button which seems to work just as the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus `3D Touch’ display. It had been confirmed by Bloomberg that the change that would be in the physical switch home button replaced with haptic feedback technology, is in the process. The recommendation also seemed to support as raft of changes to the home screen of the iPhone in iOS 10, which is the latest version of the mobile software of Apple, due to be shipped together with the phone.

3. Abandoning the headphone jack 

Another rumour regarding the iPhone 7is that Apple would be abandoning the 3.5mm headphone jack. The possible controversial decision would render millions of users’ headphones out-dated since the company compels a shift to wireless headphone or those which tend to connect to the Lightning port of the phone. Doing away with the 50-year-old jack would enable Apple to make the iPhone 7, 1mm slimmer than the iPhone 6s. Considering the history of Apple in reducing out-dated technology from its devices, inclusive of the laptop DVD drive, Adobe Flash and removable phone batteries, it is expected that the Silicon Valley giant would drop this one too.

4. Water-resistant iPhone 

Apple has left evidence in the iOS 10 beta which indicates that the iPhone 7 would be water-resistant. A new feature in the software informs the user not to plug the iPhone’s Lightning charging cable in, whenever liquid has been identified. It has been pointed out that the feature resembles the waterproof phones that had been launched by the manufacturers.

5. Fast charging 

According to Twitter user the Malignant, it states that technology which enables smartphones to gain hours of use in just minutes of charging could be added to the iPhone 7. The enhanced charging would present `five volt two ampscharge’, basically magnifying the electrical currents in the iPhone 6s.

6. Bigger battery

Rumours have indicated that the iPhone 7 would have a 1735 mAH battery capacity while the iPhone 7 Plus, a 2810 mAH, up from 1715 mAH and 2750 mAH individually. Battery life is said to be the main issue against the iPhone and to address the same, Apple has introduced the `Low Power Mode’ in iOS 9. An upgrade in hardware may be probable as the company tends to move towards a longer battery life in its iPhone devices.

7. Faster processor 

The next instalment of iPhone series that would be even more powerful than the high speed iPad Pro is said to run on a new A10 chip which could be faster by 50% than the prevailing A9X having a 3GB of RAM and a 2.37GHZ processor. Various sources have recommended that the phone would be having 3GB of RAM while the present model tends to have 2GB.

8. Third `Pro’ model

The first two versions of iPhone had been released at the same time by Apple in 2013 when it had revealed the iPhone 5s together with the more affordable iPhone 5c. Thereafter it had released two new handset a year later in 2014 with the launch of the 4.7-inch iPhone 6s with the 5.5-inch 6s Plus. This year, the company would be going a step further with the release of three versions of the handset.

9. Different colours 

Last year the release of the `Rose Gold version of the iPhone seemed to be very popular since the gold did when it had been first introduced with the 5s in 2013. Considering the forthcoming schedule of handset would be fairly identical to the last two generations, Apple would release a new set of colours to attract its customers for an upgrade.

10. Retina scanner

Apple could activate the biometric security features on the iPhone 7with the introduction of a retina scanner or face recognition software. The company has not made any major modifications to its biometric technology since the launch of `Touch ID’ with the iPhone 5s in 2013. The competitors of Apple have begun experimenting with more biometric features like the retina scanner on the Galaxy Note 7 of Samsung and the selfie login in Windows 10 anniversary update of Microsoft.

11. Return to the all-glass iPhone 

Doing away with the aluminium case back to the all-glass one would be a very severe redesign for Apple and the chances of it taking place someday seems to be very high. One of the manufacturing companies which Apple seems to work closely with has been developing an all-glass case for its smartphones. However it is very doubtful that the device would be the handset which Apple opts to revert with. On the contrary it would possibly save this type of a change for the 10 year anniversary edition of the iPhone which is said to be released in 2017.

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