Saturday, 3 September 2016

This MS Paint-like tool lets you search for images by drawing them

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Latest Search Feature - MS Paint-Style Sketch

Microsoft Paint is the basic computer graphics program which is found on several personal computers having Windows operating system. The images that are developed within MS Paint seem to be typically saved as GIF, Windows bitmap, PNG, TIFF or JPEG files. Initially MS Paint simply permitted the users to create black and white images though users can now paint a full array of colours by using simple user friendly tools.

Painting tool is a function in graphic editing or painting program which is utilised to alter the area of the canvas or an image by adding paint strokes or filling in the area with colour. The most shared painting tools are the pencil and the brush that are present in any kind of drawing or painting program from simple ones such as MS Paint right up to professional graphics software like Photoshop.

An unconventional latest search feature which enables the user to contribute a Microsoft Paint-style sketch of what one would be considering, provides various suggestions for landscapes, portraits, animals together with travel photography, has been unveiled by photo-editing and storage app 500px. The feature is known as Splash and seems to be great one since Jake Gyllenhaal seems to be everywhere.

Colour Splash Effect

Splash was tested by sketching Jake Gyllenhaal explaining the word `separate’ on Sesame Street in 2009 with the support of a puppet octopus. Jake Gyllenhaal speaking to a puppet octopus did have some similarities to an image of a child who is given a free balloon and appealing facial expressions before a green screen is said to be the specialty of Jake.

Since Splash could perform well in generating the first Jake Gyllenhall mood board something more complicated was attempted - Jake Gyllenhaal in the 2001 Donnie Darko film, carrying an axe. Though the mood of the film Donnie Darko was not picked up by Splash, it did a good job of considering just how happy any photo of Jake Gyllenhaal at any stage of his life makes one feel.

The smallest brush that is available in Splash is somewhat large and can capture the essence of the moment. The Colour Splash Effect enables the user to play with colour in their image. Painting tools can be utilised in painting a single pixel or colour a complete canvas, where each kind of painting tool tends to have its own set of functions and options which could be used in creating unique art styles.You could learn to use this feature by the following guidance and then share your image edits with hashtag #ColorSplash!

1. Open Effects Menu

Image can be opened in the Editor by tapping on Effect and then opting for Colours Section

2. Select Effect & Colour 

On tapping Colour Splash, select the Effect and then drag the cursor over the colours you would prefer to appear in the image.

3. Adjust Hues 

Utilising the sliders, adjust the maximum and minimum hues and when done, you could tap on the gear icon to exit the setting menu

4. Confirm

Tap on Apply to relate the Effect and tap on the check mark in order to confirm. Thereafter save your task performed and share it with the hashtag #ColorSplash!

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