Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Fidget Cube: A Vinyl Desk Toy

Fidget Cube

Fidget Cube – Pocket Sized Desk Toy

Very often most of us tend to fidget mindlessly while we tend to be in deep thoughts, like clicking pens or squeezing stress balls or flipping paper clips. A new system has been developed by two brothers, wherein it enables the person to fidget discretely at the desk while at the same time tends to increase the focus as well as productivity.

Known as Fidget Cube, this pocket sized desk toy has been created with six tangible surfaces which enable the person to flip, roll, click, spin, rub and glide over till it suits the person. Fidget Cube the brainchild of Matthew and Mark McLachlan had designed the Apple Watch accessory Duet and are fidgeters themselves.

They have designed this toy in order to change the way society tends to view these small movements. The Fidget Cube is said to be a new crowdfunded product which is mainly a small vinyl box having instruments designed for fidgeting on each side of the cube.

It is a type of no use since the buttons do not really do anything but is a kind of creative since the point is not to switch on or off the TV but to provide your fingers with something to do.

Each Side – Various Mechanisms

The researchers had discovered a link between working with the hands while increasing the memory together with creativity which the McLachlan’s invention tends to do just that. The so called Fidget Cube is said to weight around 4.1 ounces while the complete toy tends to measure 1.3 inches.

The products is offered in eight various colour schemes, die, graphite, aqua, midnight, sunset berry, fresh and retro. Each side of the toy tends to have various mechanisms which could fit anyone’s needs of fidgeting and have clickable buttons which bear a resemblance to the action of clicking pen.

On one surface here are three clicker buttons together with two silenced buttons that enables the person to fidget with causing disturbances to anyone around them. Another surface resembles a worry stone which enables the user to rub away the stress and a moveable joystick which fulfils the needs with a sliding action.

The cube has also been created with a switch which can be clicked rolling gears with a ball and spinning dial. In a video explained by the team it states that while designing Fidget Cube they wanted to ensure two things.

Utilised – Classroom to Boardroom

First the functionality requires to satisfy the fidgeting needs, and needs to be a complete tool box of fidgeting choices while staying small as well as compact. They wanted Fidget Cube to be a premium desk toy which could be utilised separately in any setting, from the classroom to the boardroom.

The McLachlan brothers had opened a Kickstarter campaign recently with a target of $15,000 which they had exceeded it greatly. Presently the campaign had raised over 1.4 million from 37,651 supporters with 41 days still until it ends.

The cube can be purchased by the consumers for $19 and the deliveries are expected to be scheduled in December to any destination in the world.

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