Saturday 1 October 2016

Google Allo Smart Messaging Apps


Google’s Allo - Chat App

Google’s Allo, a chat app having built-in personal assistant is intended to be your virtual best friend. The search giant had unveiled plans for two new communications apps in Duo and All at the Google I/O developer conference in May. Duo is said to be an unsophisticated video chat app that had been launched in August while recently, Google brought out the awareness of the far more aspiring Allo.

 Similar to Duo, one would not require a Gmail account for using Allo but you could just download the Allo app, inform it of your mobile number and edit the confirmation code send through SMS. The app is available only for Android and iOS smartphones and similar to Duo, Google does not provide a desktop client. Allo is said to be a standalone app and does not assimilate with the SMS app of the phone.

The notifications tends to appear on the lock screen just the way other communications app, as well as the phone seems to chirp up with a spoken `Allo’ which some may find it quite frustrating. Hopefully, Google will be adding the choice of changing it to a simple beep or ping for those who do not prefer their pocket to strike up a conversation when they tend to be out.

Alter the Size of Text

Allo, at first glance tends to put in just like another effort from the part of Google in attempting the congested messaging space and hurdle on the emoji/stickers lobby. However it is worth the effort to dig a little deeper. The cute chat choices of Google Allo seem to be quite disciplined when compared to the iMessage overhaul with iOS 10 of Apple.

Google has made emojis and downloadable sticker packs available for the user and one can send also send their own images and videos, with the possibility of drawing on your images. Moreover, you could also alter the size of the text in the message from a murmur to a shout, by dragging the send button up and down. It is said that a loud shot also tends to activate that chirpy `Allo’ notification even if the app seems to be open.

Incognito Chat

Allo also tends to copy the Smart Reply feature from the Inbox app of Google which is like auto-correct, providing the user to short list suitable canned responses and can also evaluate images in making suggestion, distinguishing objects and landmarks. Besides this it also gets to know the way one tends to talk so it sounds more like you over a period of time.

 The messages in the chat window displays a tick to a message indicating that it has been delivered and then adds another tick confirming that it has been read. Smart Replies on the contrary are useful when one seems to be in a hurry though the person at the other end is unable to distinguish between Smart Replies and real replies which are prone to exploitation.

Another feature of Allo is the incognito chat’ for those moments when one prefers to have more secure conversation which utilises end-to-end encryption together with nondescript lock screen notification that says `You have a new message’ without providing details of the sender or message. Besides this you could also set the message to be deleted automatically anytime between five seconds to seven days

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