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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Google Takes Aim At Update Its Duo Videoconferecing App in Battle with Skype, Messenger and Facetime

Google’s New Video-Calling App – Duo

A new video-calling app known as Duo had been launched by Google as a challenge to Skype and Apple’s Facetime. It tends to work using your mobile phone just like WhatsApp, once the app has been downloaded and logged utilising a Google account. The user can instantly video call any person from their contacts who also tend to have the app.

Though the main focus of Google is on ease, it does have duo features with a provision of differentiating it from its opponents. For instance a feature known as `Knock Knock’, enables the user to see live video of your caller before answering, providing you with a sense of what they could be up to and why they would prefer a chat.

 According to Google this makes video calls seem like an invitation rather than an interruption. Another benefit of the feature is the capability of switching between Wi-Fi and cellular data mechanically without dropping the call. This way you could start your call at home and continue effortlessly while heading out.

The benefit of Duo over FaceTime is that it tends to work on Android as well as iOS while FaceTime only operates on Apple devices. It has also been considered to be simpler than Skype enabling users to start a video call with only a tap.

Cope with Slower Networks

Justin Uberti, principal software engineer at Google had mentioned in a blog post that video calling is the next best thing to being with someone in person but too often it could be a frustrating or complicated experience.

One should not have to worry about whether your call will get connected or if your friend has been using the same kind of device similar to the one you could be using and this could be the reason why almost half of them never tend to made video calls on mobile.

Google has also built Duo to work to cope with slower networks in the background, like a 2G together with end-to-end encryption for the purpose of security. Google had mentioned that it would be offering an audio-only option on its Duo video calls service in order to assist users in communicating utilising poor quality connection and would be adding a feature to allow file sharing in group chats on its Allo messaging app.

In August, the company had launched Google due offering video calls for Android and iOS users, opposing it against Apple’s FaceTime, Microsoft Corp’s video calling app – Skype and Messenger of Facebook Inc.

Google Maps

Google Vice President for Product Management, Mario Queiroz had mentioned in a blog post after he had announced the moves at a Google conference in Sao Paulo that the audio-only calls would be working well on all connections speed and would be data efficient. In reply to responses from users in countries like Brazil,

Google had informed that Android users all over would be in a position of sharing documents as well as other files with friends on Allo in group chats. Moreover he also mentioned that they would have two new features for Google Photos on Android and iOS in order to make backup and sharing much easier on low connectivity.

When strong Wi-Fi connection tends to be available backed up photos would be replaced with high-quality version. Google has also mentioned that it would be adding new location sharing feature in Google Maps to enable users in letting friends and family to be aware of their whereabouts and when they would arrive at their destination. Queiroz had also mentioned that users could stop sharing that information whenever they desire to do so.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Hello Allo! Tips to Use Google New Chat App in a Best Way


Google Chat App `Allo’

Google has progressed tremendously from the basic looking GTalk to Hangouts and has modified its messaging services with altering needs as well as time. Presently with its latest chat app `Allo’ the company has once again made efforts to rewrite the way people tend to utilise chat apps. It would not be discriminating to call Allo only a chat app since it tends to do much more than only chats. Together with an AI that seems to learn quickly regarding the users, it also has many other features which could be helpful for users in planning, locating information as well as be more communicative in chats. Announced at the I/O 2016 of Google, the app is said to be available in the Play Store. The following tips would be helpful to the users:

Share videos rapidly: It could be tiresome in sharing videos in chats. One could first long press the link, copy and then open the chat window where you desire to share it. With Allo, Google seems to solve this issue. Just type @google in any chat and the inbuilt AI assistant of the company will appear in the text box. Select the same and then ask the videos you desire to view. For instance, type @google show me the video of making Matar Paneer and the AI tends to respond with an expanded video link of the recipe

Organize your text size: Text size tends to assist in conveying the message. Allo provides the user with the option to alter the size of the text in a chat on the fly. You could just slide the send up or down in order to increase or reduce the size of the text in a message.

Hola Allo, find me flights: Allo seems to be much more than only a chat app and has four kinds of chats such as one to one, group chat, Chat with Google Assistant and Incognito chat. If one seems to be chatting with Google Assistant, you could ask the AI to display the plane tickets, hotel availability and much more. It portrays the Google search result.

Allo Sets reminders: The AI in the app also tends to set reminders and alarms for the user. You could go to Google Assistant in the app and ask for setting the alarm which it tends to do.

Play games: In Allo one could also play games. For instance, the chat game is said to be one of the interesting ones wherein in this game you could opt for the game type and the AI would play that game with you.

Search for restaurants: The AI chat assistant tends to utilise one’s location and suggests accordingly the restaurants which are in the vicinity. The users can view the restaurants by clicking on Google map.

Incognito chats: Similar to WhatsApp, Google Allo also tends to assure safe and encrypted chats though it is only likely in Incognito mode.The Incognito Mode tends to ensure that chats are encrypted once toggled.

Group chats: Like WhatsApp, one also has the possibility of creating groups in the app with options of deleting, adding people or mute group. Read message seem to have double ticks similar to the way how they are there in WhatsApp. Moreover you could also long press on a message and view details like the precise time it had been delivered and read.

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Google Allo Smart Messaging Apps


Google’s Allo - Chat App

Google’s Allo, a chat app having built-in personal assistant is intended to be your virtual best friend. The search giant had unveiled plans for two new communications apps in Duo and All at the Google I/O developer conference in May. Duo is said to be an unsophisticated video chat app that had been launched in August while recently, Google brought out the awareness of the far more aspiring Allo.

 Similar to Duo, one would not require a Gmail account for using Allo but you could just download the Allo app, inform it of your mobile number and edit the confirmation code send through SMS. The app is available only for Android and iOS smartphones and similar to Duo, Google does not provide a desktop client. Allo is said to be a standalone app and does not assimilate with the SMS app of the phone.

The notifications tends to appear on the lock screen just the way other communications app, as well as the phone seems to chirp up with a spoken `Allo’ which some may find it quite frustrating. Hopefully, Google will be adding the choice of changing it to a simple beep or ping for those who do not prefer their pocket to strike up a conversation when they tend to be out.

Alter the Size of Text

Allo, at first glance tends to put in just like another effort from the part of Google in attempting the congested messaging space and hurdle on the emoji/stickers lobby. However it is worth the effort to dig a little deeper. The cute chat choices of Google Allo seem to be quite disciplined when compared to the iMessage overhaul with iOS 10 of Apple.

Google has made emojis and downloadable sticker packs available for the user and one can send also send their own images and videos, with the possibility of drawing on your images. Moreover, you could also alter the size of the text in the message from a murmur to a shout, by dragging the send button up and down. It is said that a loud shot also tends to activate that chirpy `Allo’ notification even if the app seems to be open.

Incognito Chat

Allo also tends to copy the Smart Reply feature from the Inbox app of Google which is like auto-correct, providing the user to short list suitable canned responses and can also evaluate images in making suggestion, distinguishing objects and landmarks. Besides this it also gets to know the way one tends to talk so it sounds more like you over a period of time.

 The messages in the chat window displays a tick to a message indicating that it has been delivered and then adds another tick confirming that it has been read. Smart Replies on the contrary are useful when one seems to be in a hurry though the person at the other end is unable to distinguish between Smart Replies and real replies which are prone to exploitation.

Another feature of Allo is the incognito chat’ for those moments when one prefers to have more secure conversation which utilises end-to-end encryption together with nondescript lock screen notification that says `You have a new message’ without providing details of the sender or message. Besides this you could also set the message to be deleted automatically anytime between five seconds to seven days