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Wednesday 12 April 2017

Google Takes Aim At Update Its Duo Videoconferecing App in Battle with Skype, Messenger and Facetime

Google’s New Video-Calling App – Duo

A new video-calling app known as Duo had been launched by Google as a challenge to Skype and Apple’s Facetime. It tends to work using your mobile phone just like WhatsApp, once the app has been downloaded and logged utilising a Google account. The user can instantly video call any person from their contacts who also tend to have the app.

Though the main focus of Google is on ease, it does have duo features with a provision of differentiating it from its opponents. For instance a feature known as `Knock Knock’, enables the user to see live video of your caller before answering, providing you with a sense of what they could be up to and why they would prefer a chat.

 According to Google this makes video calls seem like an invitation rather than an interruption. Another benefit of the feature is the capability of switching between Wi-Fi and cellular data mechanically without dropping the call. This way you could start your call at home and continue effortlessly while heading out.

The benefit of Duo over FaceTime is that it tends to work on Android as well as iOS while FaceTime only operates on Apple devices. It has also been considered to be simpler than Skype enabling users to start a video call with only a tap.

Cope with Slower Networks

Justin Uberti, principal software engineer at Google had mentioned in a blog post that video calling is the next best thing to being with someone in person but too often it could be a frustrating or complicated experience.

One should not have to worry about whether your call will get connected or if your friend has been using the same kind of device similar to the one you could be using and this could be the reason why almost half of them never tend to made video calls on mobile.

Google has also built Duo to work to cope with slower networks in the background, like a 2G together with end-to-end encryption for the purpose of security. Google had mentioned that it would be offering an audio-only option on its Duo video calls service in order to assist users in communicating utilising poor quality connection and would be adding a feature to allow file sharing in group chats on its Allo messaging app.

In August, the company had launched Google due offering video calls for Android and iOS users, opposing it against Apple’s FaceTime, Microsoft Corp’s video calling app – Skype and Messenger of Facebook Inc.

Google Maps

Google Vice President for Product Management, Mario Queiroz had mentioned in a blog post after he had announced the moves at a Google conference in Sao Paulo that the audio-only calls would be working well on all connections speed and would be data efficient. In reply to responses from users in countries like Brazil,

Google had informed that Android users all over would be in a position of sharing documents as well as other files with friends on Allo in group chats. Moreover he also mentioned that they would have two new features for Google Photos on Android and iOS in order to make backup and sharing much easier on low connectivity.

When strong Wi-Fi connection tends to be available backed up photos would be replaced with high-quality version. Google has also mentioned that it would be adding new location sharing feature in Google Maps to enable users in letting friends and family to be aware of their whereabouts and when they would arrive at their destination. Queiroz had also mentioned that users could stop sharing that information whenever they desire to do so.

Wednesday 24 August 2016

Google Duo Makes Video Calling Between Operating Systems Easier

Google Duo

Google’s Duo – Video Calling App

For years, Apple and Google had been competing with each other for dominance over mobile users, with Apple submitting its greater devices such as the iPhone. Google on the other hand had battled back with its Android operating system together with a sequence of mobile apps which seemed to quite flexible and well-matched with broader set of devices than the apps of Apple.

Recently, Google had featured that strategy with the release of its new mobile app, the Duo, a video calling app which is said to be a direct substitute to the FaceTime of Apple. The app tends to fit precisely in the playbook in mobile of Google.

Google had progressively provided its software as well as internet service comprising of Google Maps, Google Docs and Google Photos to iPhone users and all these apps had been convincing substitute to the proprietary apps of Apple such as Apple Maps, Photos and Notes since they tend to function on a broader variety of devices inclusive of Macs, Android devices, Windows PCs and iPhones.

FaceTime can only be utilised to call others having the Apple devices though Duo enable the user to place video calls between Android as well as iPhone users and substantially increases the number of people with whom one intends to have a video discussion.

Great Product/Increase Use of Video Calling with Android Users

Google had mentioned in a statement in an indirect shot at Apple that one should not have to worry about whether your call can connect or if your friend is utilising the same type of device one is using. It is no wonder that almost half of U.S. adults do not make video calls on mobile.

All this encouraged the strategy of Google in attracting iPhone users over to Android. It is said that Google’s apps usually tends to operate better on Android devices than the iPhones and hence more users seem to get hooked on the core apps of Google with less reason for being loyal to Apple.

The head of communication products, Nick Fox had stated that the top priority with Duo was to create a great product and to increase the use of video calling with Android users. However he adds that making the Android much more attractive than the iPhone owners had been a secondary motive. He informs that the appeal of Duo was that it seemed to be simple to use, was fast and much more extensively accessible.

Switching – Android to iPhone – Highest

He commented saying that their view is video calling and should work for all. If one can only call half the people they know, that is very limiting. Apple does not seem to be concerned by the moves of Google.

When the falling sales last month had been reported by the iPhone maker, Timothy D. Cook, chief executive of Apple had highlighted that the rate where people were switching from Android-based devices to iPhone had been the highest the company had ever seen.

He had mentioned in a call without revealing the precise figure that their year-to-date iPhone sales to switchers were the greatest they have seen in any nine-month period. A spokeswoman of Apple had refrained from commenting beyond the comments of Mr Cook.