Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Google DayDream


Google Daydream View handset

Daydream View handset has been revealed by Google together with various apps and games which can be utilised on your Daydream-ready phone. Google had also announced that the new Pixel as well as Pixel XL smartphone would be the first handsets to be Google Daydream ready.

These are said to be the best phones to purchase if one would prefer to use Daydream when the headset is launched. Google Daydream is said to be the latest effort of bringing VR to mobile devices by Google and is very much different than Google Cardboard.

 Unlike the earlier somewhat disposable VR headset of Google that had been focused in getting people in the VR door with low cost and low smartphone proficiency requirements, Daydream tends to have more tough vision which seems to have its sight set on offering higher-quality experiences to Android Nougat users.

Daydream would be bringing more exciting as well as absorbing VR experiences to users who seem unable to afford a HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. It is likely to be on sale in November in the US priced at $79 though there is no information on when it would be released in the UK or Australia.

Google DayDream

ZTE VR – Android Nougat/VR Maintenance Software Update

Google has also claimed that Samsung, Asus, Alcatel, LG, HTC, Xiaomi and ZTE will be manufacturing phones which would be `Daydream ready’. Besides these, Huawei has also confirmed that it would be making Daydream-ready phone together with headsets and controllers.

The first smartphone, the ZTE Axon 7, has been announced to be Google Daydream compatible together with its own VR headset – the ZTE VR which requires Android Nougat as well as necessary VR maintenance software update of Google to pull it off. This would be coming in the Android Nougat 7.1 update.

Google Daydream will be running apps as well games download from Play Store thus making it simple in locating experiences in utilising the headset. Towards the end of 2016, as per Google, there would more than 50 apps and games made available to the users on the platform.

In the forthcoming months, HBO, Netflix and Hulu would be having Daydream ready apps. The New York Times would be launching an app for its VR videos also.

Clickable Touch Pad

When the platform is launched, Google would be making its own apps compatible with the Daydream platform comprising of Play Movies, Photos, YouTube and Maps. Announcement had also been done by Unity and Epic on the development support for Daydream from the gaming point of things.

The Daydream View headset portrayed by Google is said to be one choice for Google Daydream VR which enables the companies to take a hold on the tech that would probably result in various looking headsets. Limited information regarding its controller resembling a Wii remote have been provided by Google.

It shares some common physical qualities for the modern TV touch remote of Apple. It will be featuring a clickable touch pad, towards its top which will bring native touchscreen like gestures to the virtual world. Then there is an app button which tends to put your apps in view and finally the home button takes you back to the home screen of Google Daydream.

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