Saturday, 15 October 2016

Are Killer Bots About to Do Away with Smartphone Apps?


Bots - Little Digital Assistants

Smartphone app has been around and Apple tends to have two million on them in its App Store while Google Play seems to have some few hundred thousand more than that. The Aggregate downloads of app have crossed over 150 billion mark. However some have been speculating whether the apps would be replaced by something lesser, smarter and quicker.

Due to artificial intelligence software, bots have been programmed to chat to humans through text, remove the meaning and then perform on it. They seem to be little digital assistants. One would be talking to a bot at any point of time when you see a live chat box opened up on the website of a retailer or while ordering a taxi or flowers via chat platforms like WeChat and Facebook Messenger.

According to the research by Nielsen, irrespective of the various options on apps, the average number used is 27.The issue with apps and their apparently unending updates is that they tend to consume the storage volume of the smartphone alarmingly rapidly. Developers tend to often get a raw deal. One estimate recommended that 94% of the cash created by the apps in the App Store of Apple to only 1% of publishers and those firm also received 70% of all the downloads.

Bots Natural Successors of Apps

Ted Nash of Tapdaq, a veteran app developer while still a teenager, had commented that one of the worst things regarding the App Store was the App Store since it is a walled garden. He stated that oversights of Apple on all the slows down development and forces programmers of app would comprise of specific chunks of code which tends to look after adverts, usage statistic together with the other metrics.

Further to this, he added that the issue of making apps to function across various devices as well as keeping up with the changes to Apple’s software, it is no wonder some people seemed to be disillusioned. Head of mobile development at accounting software firm Sage, Kriti Sharma, stated that apps use to be the big thing but several more people seem to be messaging that posting on social media.

 This could be the reason why she is of the belief that bots are the natural successors to apps, the interface is promptlyacquainted to consumers.

Pegg – Assisting Small Business Makers

Ms Sharma had begun her career in coding at Barclays where she had co-created its Pingit banking app and supervised its mobile portfolio. She is of the belief that for companies or brands which preferred meaningful interactions with the customers, a chat intervened by a bot would work well.

A bot known as Pegg is being developed by Sage which tends to act as a smart business assistant and would be assisting small business makers in keeping track of outgoings as well as expenses, which would be making the tracking of cash flow much easier.

Ms Sharma had commented that bots do not have to be super-complicated though over a period of time they could add a lot more value for a customer. She states that bots seems to be more reliable since good progress has been made in writing artificially intelligent software.

Moreover since several companies now tend to have massive data they could utilise in fine-tuning the responses of bot. She also claims that bots also tend to have speed with which they can be developed, organized as well as updated

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