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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Sony Going To Release Windows Phone Smartphone Soon!

Sony Vaio

Mid-2014 might seem a smart phone from Sony with Microsoft's mobile operating system Windows Phone. Such a device would then appear under the Vaio brand. Yet but was probably not signed a contract. Microsoft is currently negotiating with Sony; that the Japanese electronics company to bring a Smartphone with Windows Phone in the market.

The reports surfaced the internet and this information is with reference to a person who is familiar with the plans. Such a Windows Smartphone could be released in summer 2014 and would then probably sell under the Vaio brand. At Sony, already there are ongoing projects of prototypes Windows Phone Smartphones inside.

Still now no agreement was signed between Microsoft and Sony, so there is a chance that the project also could still fail. Reasons for this could be requested by Microsoft royalties. But the question which software Sony Vaio must pre-install on a Smartphone, here could lead to problems. In September 2012, the Sony Mobile head had denied working on a Smartphone with Windows Phone. He disagreed with a statement of another Sony Manager. Earlier, Pierre Perron, Managing Director for Sony Mobile in the UK and Ireland, explains Sony would examine the evolution of Windows Smartphones.

Since the change from Windows Mobile to Windows Phone, there is no Sony Smartphones with a Microsoft operating system was exhibited. By 2010, Sony offered (then Sony Ericsson) phones with Windows Mobile 6.5. The last one launched was the Windows Mobile Smartphone namely the Aspen; it was released in February 2010.

Since then, Sony Ericsson had fully focused on Android Smartphones and in recent years no device with another operating system is in production. The first Sony Ericsson Smartphones was running the Symbian Smartphone operating system and later came Windows Mobile Smartphones to do so.

Some time there was Sony Ericsson parallel Smartphones with Symbian, Windows Mobile and Android. Sony Ericsson had developed a prototype Smartphone based on Windows Phone 7 under the name Julie, but never given a device with the Windows Phone platform on the market.