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Friday, 16 December 2016

Windows Update Knocks Out Internet Connections

Windows Update
Just a few years back, users used to eagerly wait for the updates which will help them in unlocking the new features on their existing devices or software or programs. However things have changed drastically in the past year because a number of updates and upgrades have resulted in driving people nuts with making some serious affects on the devices as a whole. This has resulted in poor user experience and this ugly trend creeps into Microsoft’s popular operating system called Windows with the latest update.

ISP reports internet connectivity difficulties in European region

A recent update to the Windows OS has brought painful and unwanted internet connectivity issues on a number of devices. This has been widely reported by innumerable internet service providers in European region who has stated that they customers were unable to connect to the internet. This isn’t affecting any particular kind of router box rather its is rampant. On other hand Virgin Media has come with a detailed solution which allows users to connect with the internet and it has been provided to the customers. Microsoft also came into action after this and it issued a guidance to the users in effectively connecting to the internet.

Microsoft comes into action

Microsoft has well noted this development and brought some crucial guidance at dealing with it though it has only affected a certain number of users with Windows 10 OS. At first users are required to restart their system and if it doesn’t help then they can get more detailed alternatives by visiting Microsoft’s website from other device. Microsoft has zeroed out the problem in the system’s inability to connect with the network by automatically picking up addressing system in the broadband routers.

Steps compiled by Virgin Media to get connected with Internet

Here is complete set of guidelines issued by the Virgin Media which will help all the affected users in connecting with the internet in a swift fashion. At first users are requested to restart their system by going to the Start followed by Power and Restart. Once the system is booted up again then try to connect to the internet, if it doesn’t work then you will be required to reset the IP address and here are the necessary steps.

  1.  Click on Start button. 
  2.  Click on Run or press Windows Key along with letter ‘R’ 
  3.  Type ‘CMD’ and press enter 
  4.  A command prompt will appear on the screen. Now type in ‘ipconfig/release’ and press enter. 
  5.  Now users can try to connect with the internet and hopefully this set get them connected.
In case this trick doesn’t work for you then the below mentioned steps which will help in clearing up the DNS settings.

  1.  Click on the Start button 
  2.  Click on the Run or press Windows key along with letter ‘R’ 
  3.  Once again command prompt on the screen. Now type in ‘ipconfig/flushdns’ and press enter. 
  4.  Now hopefully your connection will start working and you will be able to connect with the internet.
Later KB3206632 update was released to fix the fault.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Windows 9 coming in April 2015

Windows 9
Scheduled Windows8 update will be a new version of the Operating systems that will be announced in the Microsoft Developers conference according to the insider source.

 Microsoft wanted to bring to the market in April 2015 a new version of its Windows operating system. That will be announced by the U.S. software manufacturers Microsoft in April at the Build developer conference, Windows insider Paul Thurrott reported on his side Super Site For Windows.

The new operating system will be called Windows 9, Thurrot has learned from his sources. It will come on the market in April 2015. In December 2013 had become known that Microsoft is planning a major Windows update codenamed Threshold for spring 2015.

Threshold was actually as an update for Windows 8 Because of the bad reputation of Windows 8, Microsoft have decided to rename it because of its bad reputation. That is at least the current stand Threshold should again get a start menu, among other things.

Its abolition in Windows 8 had not gone well with the users. It will probably be three pre-release versions of Windows 9. However, it is not clear whether this will also be publicly available. Work on the new Windows will begin after the build. The developer conference will take place from 2 up to 4 April 2014 in San Francisco.