Monday 13 January 2014

Windows 9 coming in April 2015

Windows 9
Scheduled Windows8 update will be a new version of the Operating systems that will be announced in the Microsoft Developers conference according to the insider source.

 Microsoft wanted to bring to the market in April 2015 a new version of its Windows operating system. That will be announced by the U.S. software manufacturers Microsoft in April at the Build developer conference, Windows insider Paul Thurrott reported on his side Super Site For Windows.

The new operating system will be called Windows 9, Thurrot has learned from his sources. It will come on the market in April 2015. In December 2013 had become known that Microsoft is planning a major Windows update codenamed Threshold for spring 2015.

Threshold was actually as an update for Windows 8 Because of the bad reputation of Windows 8, Microsoft have decided to rename it because of its bad reputation. That is at least the current stand Threshold should again get a start menu, among other things.

Its abolition in Windows 8 had not gone well with the users. It will probably be three pre-release versions of Windows 9. However, it is not clear whether this will also be publicly available. Work on the new Windows will begin after the build. The developer conference will take place from 2 up to 4 April 2014 in San Francisco.

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