Saturday 18 January 2014

Top 3 Dreadful Computer Security Threats

In this world of technology, there is nothing which has been created without any kind of its own threat. Even we people have some things which are very dreadful and dangerous to our health. The main thing which is beneath that is if we people do not know what things are harmful to our health, then we wouldn’t able to avoid those dreadful things. And this phenomenon is also applied to each and every personal computer which has been produced. In this world, there are few things which are more extremely of great danger and that is reason behind that is we need to be careful with those things. In order to avoid those things, we people need to know each and everything about them and what they are.

In the world of computer we need to know about the following things; 


Till now, the greatest dangers to the computers are the virus. These viruses are already available on each and everywhere and when they intruded on the personal computer, they may do lot of damage to the personal computer. These kinds of viruses are updated regularly based on the operating system updates so that, they can easily cope with the various threats that are posed by any anti-virus software. So, it is also necessary for us to have the anti-virus software updated and so we can avoid those kinds of threat which are posed by the anti-virus. It is strongly advised to use good anti-virus and never used to forget to update the anti-virus software.


From the day when the computer has been invented, hackers are the major threat for the safety of the personal computer. The hackers use our personal computer to perform their different kinds of dirty work, and those that fall victim of their dirty tricks will always has a story to tell to other peoples. Most of the works done by the hackers are fun of producing and them so call viruses just to hurt other personal computer files and important documents. Although in some time, hacking sessions are seems to be very important. But those kinds are activities are used by the governmental activities and termed as White Hat Hacking. And most common hackers are only renowned for their evil things.

Unauthorized Users

Unauthorized users are considered as the major threat to the world of personal computing. The main reason behind that is they can able to destroy the important files which are found in your personal computer and which leads in loss of some important files in your personal computer. Since they are not the owner of our personal computer, they will create damage to the important things in our pc. It’s our duty to be careful of these kinds of people because they will harm our files as well as they bring anonymous changes to our personal computers.

If any other computer security threats are known by you, then share those threads with us through the comments below.

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