Wednesday 29 January 2014

Samsung Disables Third-Party Accessories In Galaxy Note 3 with KitKat Update

Galaxy Note 3
The Galaxy Note 3 will be the first Samsung device, which only works with licensed accessories and disables the third party accessories. If third-party accessories offered without a matching chip, special functions are no longer available after the update has been deployed on Android 4.4. In U.S., Samsung distributed already the update for the Galaxy Note 3 to the latest Android 4.4 Kitkat.

After the update the third-party accessories may no longer work. Note that you may watch that the people are complaining in xda forum. The users report that the Galaxy Note 3 is no longer reasonable to work with Android 4.4 with a special S -View case. The shell supports the S -view window function to display information on the cover.

In addition there is a transparent area on the screen coverage is reduced when closing the cover. Exactly this function no longer works correctly after recording the update. In addition, the cover has a special home button, which also is not working as desired after the update. Reason for this is that the Spigen sleeve is missing a Samsung chip. A user at xda - forum has taken the chip from an original Samsung Case and incorporated into the Spigen cover.

Then the S- Window function was active again, but the home button on the jacket still refused their service. Already in October 2013, there were initial reports that Samsung uses a special chip which will allow only licensed accessories. This project used by Samsung for the first time with the Kitkat update for the Galaxy Note 3. It is assumed that similar changes occur also for other Galaxy devices soon. When Galaxy Note 3 is rooted provided with Android Kitkat; the query for the Samsung chip can be disabled so that the S -View- Windows function runs again.

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