Tuesday 21 January 2014

Google X Developed Contact Lens That Helps Diabetics

Google Contact lens

Google Contact lens
Google has developed in his research laboratory Google X an electronic contact lens that could help diabetic patients. It regularly measures the blood sugar level of the tear fluid and can thus warn of high or low blood sugar levels.

With an electronic contact lens Google wants to make the daily life of diabetes patients easier because the contact lens that they wear can monitor every second, which measure blood glucose levels in the tear fluid.

So patients no need to prick their finger to detect a drop of blood their blood sugar levels. This is also the problem encountered by many diabetic patients to measure their blood sugar levels too rarely. Tiny sensors and chips and an antenna are installed between two layers of a soft contact lens, which will allow extremely precise measurements.

Google has built several prototypes, including those measure blood sugar levels per second evenly. Currently, they are experimenting with integrated LEDs as an early warning. It is still developing at a very early stage, but they were conducted several clinical trials earlier, under which the prototypes were improved.

It can be released once the clinical trials were completed but will still take some time. Currently, Google is in talks to with the U.S. health supervision FDA. Google wants to collaborate in the further development with partners who have experience in bringing such products to market. The partners will develop among other apps, of which the measurements are provided to the winner and his doctor.

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