Monday 13 January 2014

Top 5+tips to protect touch screen display

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Touch screens have become the recent developing trends. From Smartphones to tablets, it has reached the way to touch screen computer monitors. Touch screen displays are also used in Malls, Railway centers. Everything comes in handy with a simple touch right?

These touch screens have a great disadvantage since they are put to constant work all the time. These touch screens should be handled with additional care. There’s no software that takes care of your touch screen. Here are some of the tips to protect the touch screen displays.

Rule 1: Know about it 

First and the basic rule is that “IT’S A TOUCHSCREEN DEVICE”. And it should be handle with care. Do not keep pressing the screen like you handle any keypad in a mobile. Touchscreen mobiles should handle in very clean manner else it will be damaged by your rough usage.

Rule 2: Know where not to keep your devices 

You all know that Touch screens are highly sensitive to your touch. So never leave it in the open where dusts settle along the phone or do not leave your screen facing the ground. Do not keep it in your back pocket. In case of girls do not let them rot in your handbag where all the accessories mingle with it and make scratches on your screen. Don’t let it under the sunlight. It hates sunbath.

Rule 3: Accessories for your mobile 

Buy scratch guards and place them over your screen and then use them. Replace your scratch guard at least once in 6 months. Providing these sorts of accessories will make your device to go for a longer run and your device will be prevented from getting damaged. I’m not sure that it will protect your device from all sorts of damages. But, it acts as a preliminary protection for your devices from getting damages.

Rule 4: Clean your screen 

Do not put force while cleaning the screen. You’re not wiping a floor. Clean with standard solutions. Do not use solutions that contain ammonia. Clean it with a small sponge or a clean white cloth is more than enough.
Rule 5: Do not do stunt performances with your phone

Don’t do any sort of stunt performances with your touch screen devices. Do not keep them on the edges of tables. Do not drop it from heights. You might have watched the “Sony Xperia’s Ad” on TV. Yup it’s true that they are water proof. But you don’t need to prove it by doing tricks like those. Proofing is for only protection and it is not for doing such kinds of tricks and all.

Rule 6: Keep it away from the usage of pets and Toddlers 

You all might know about this rule. So there’s nothing I should insist. If you were allowing your pets to roll over your touch screen gadgets, then you would have to deserve for that. Your pets would make scratches over the screen or they might break the screen which in result cause damage of your device.

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