Wednesday 22 January 2014

How to Access Computer with Android Mobile or iPhone

Access Computer with Android
In this world of technology, everything is possible with the help of these technologies. Most of you have tried to connect with your personal computer from the mobile and would have failed. But there is a fantastic way to connect your personal computer with your mobile very easily. In this post, I have shared an information regarding how to connect or access your files in your personal computer from the mobile itself. You can access the pictures, images and as well as the music files remotely from the mobile.

The best solution for this is easily done an application called PolKast. This application is a best application which can be installed in your mobile and by using this application; you can access the pictures, videos and music from your mobile.

Polkast is one of the best cloud services and it is fantastic; through which you can easily create your own personal cloud service with this mobile application itself. By using this pilkast application, you can select any size of file on your personal computer and you can share them using polkast applications. By using this polkast, you can easily access the files which have been shared in the polkast application, from your mobile itself. This polcast application can be also applicable for the Tablets and you can access those shares files from the tablet too.

In order to make the polkast app to work perfectly, we have to install the server app on the personal computer which you want to share and also the client application on the mobile device which may a mobile phone or a tablet. You can easily download any of these application from the polkast websites very easily for totally free of cost.

Steps to Remotely Access the Computers from your mobile:

-> Step 1: The first step is to download the PolKast in the personal computer where you need to share your files and access it from the mobile.

-> Step 2: Go to PolKast website; In the website, click over the Desktop option which is shown over the PolKast website.

 -> Once you have clicked that image, it will leads to you to the download page. Download the server version for your computer and install the application on your personal computer accordingly. Install the application in your personal computer and run the PolKast server app on your personal computer.

-> Register your account on the PolKast and once you have registered in the PolKast website. You will be directed to the main screen on the PolKast application, where you can choose various files from your personal computer which you need to be get remotely accessed from your mobile phones.

-> Now download the PolKast application in your mobile phone, and install it in your mobile phones.

 -> Once you have successfully installed the PolKast, you were asked to login in thePolKast.  

-> This will shows you the dashboard screen for your account, in which the shared files can be accessed from your mobile phones.

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