Wednesday 8 January 2014

Intel announces a “Dual OS" project with Windows and Android

Dual OS
Intel has made an announcement about its Dual OS project with Android and Windows in the CES happened in Las Vegas. According to sources, the founder is trying to unite PC manufacturers around the idea of devices capable of running Windows and Android simultaneously.

It is not similar to that of the dual boot system and it is entirely different from that; that is it is run on the two of the same session. Already virtualisers did this in Windows and OS X. This would called as “Dual OS" internal project, however, this could not be achieved without the help and especially without the consent of Microsoft nor Google.

And everyone says one source, would have reservations about this project. It is better for the one as for the other, that its OS is the only feature on a device. The subject is certainly even more worrying for Microsoft and Google. PC sales, where Windows is still a majority, are in steady decline, without clearing the horizon. And on the front of mobile, Android and iOS leave little room for Windows Phone.

Microsoft certainly has leverage to try to put in the right way PC makers tempted by the idea of Intel. But we also remember the rumors that spoke of wanting to install Microsoft Windows Phone at the same time on Android Smartphones.

Intel, for its part, sees the PC market crumble and the founder has missed the mobile in favor of ARM. Today, it is very soft in the race and processors are capable of running Android. With this project “Dual OS” adequate chips and a mechanism for both OS work together in a practical way, the depth could provide a unique solution for manufacturers.

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