Tuesday 7 January 2014

Tips for fixing windows slow down issues

windows slow down issues
Running personal computers in high speed is the main things which are wanted by most of the people in this world. Even I want to do the same things. Finally I have found few solutions to speed up the personal computers when it gets stuck by the slower performance. Like every electronic devices, the personal computer will become slow after a period of time. This will affect the performance of your personal computer and even it will affect your time for completing the work. In case of such situation, you will definitely fed up by doing many kinds of relief measures. By using simpler steps, you can easily improve the performance by following these simpler ways;

Troubleshoot your pc

You may face many problems in your personal computers, you have to go through those issues and solve them. So, your personal computer will work efficiently. In order to solve issues, you have to go through the reasons; you can easily get the reason for the problems by trouble shooting the issues. Most of the errors were caused by the Malware attacks, low performance of the hardware, bugs in the video driver and so on. You can easily solve those issues by working over it. If you solve those issues, performance of your device will be automatically boosted up.

Close the services if you don’t need them

If you were using a fresh PC, then you can find various services that are not essential for PC functionality. If you were seeing unwanted services, then you can disable those services to speed up your personal computer.

1. IP Helper:If you not using IPv6 Technology then stop this service.

2. Network Access Protection Agent: Revoke this if you don’t use network based works

3. Smart Cards:Stop these services, if you’re not using smartcard based applications

4. Windows Media Center Receiver Service:Disable the services, if you’re not using Window media center PC.

5. Tablet PC Input Service:This service is used for getting inputs from Tablet Inputs. If you were not having such sort of devices for getting input, then you can disable those services.

6. Fax:Disable the services, if you weren’t using fax services in your personal computer.

By disabling these services, you can easily speed up your personal computers very easily.

Startup applications

If you’re noticing that your personal computer is taking so much time to boot, then you need to concentrate on the startup files as well as the startup applications. Startup applications are the applications which will be started automatically when your personal computer is booted. You can control various applications in the startup applications. Else you can edit them in typing msconfig in the cmd command prompt menu. If you were seeing any unnecessary application which is running over the startup, then you can disable that application from the pop up menu which is appearing over the screen.

If you perform these steps in your personal computer, then you can speed up your computer very easily.

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