Wednesday 29 January 2014

Alleged fake WhatsApp Application brings banking Trojan

Kaspersky warns of a new spam wave that attracts users with an alleged WhatsApp version for the PC. An alleged fake WhatsApp campaign reaches users via e –mail and the downloaded PC version turns out to be banking Trojan. They are sending mail stating that “Finally WhatsApp for PC and eleven pending friend requests are waiting for you!” This looks s sort of the youngest Hoax of cyber criminals out of users reached by e-mail, and points to a download of the alleged first official PC version of WhatsApp.

But instead of downloading the messenger they downloaded software which includes a dangerous banking Trojan, it steels the the private online banking information and passwords from the victim once downloaded and sends back to the culprit. Malware expert Dmitry Bestuzhev of Kaspersky Labs already last week warned in their website SecureList before the spam email campaign. So far, there is no official announcement of WhatsApp PC popular messaging service officially only and it is only as a mobile version.

So if you find one in Portuguese written message from Whatsapp in your mail inbox, then it could be a by a deceptive hoax that roams currently in the network. Instead of a Messenger download it downloads a hide PC Trojan. The email makes reference to a dubious download link that says “Download now ". The malware is disguised as a 2.5 megabyte MP3 file and not only sends private data to the criminals, but also invites up to ten megabytes of viruses and other malicious programs on the computer.

Perhaps the Brazilian WhatsApp users were the target of the attack, according to their post. Note: As long as you do not click on the download link, you are safe. Since the Trojans need to be installed manually in order to get into the computer.

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