Saturday 18 January 2014

How to Find the Name of Unknown Mobile Number - TrueCaller

Have you ever tried to find out the details of a mobile number? Suppose if you were getting unwanted calls from the same number or else you were getting spam calls from a very random number, you can easily get their details using this method. In this method, you can easily sort out the exact location of the person who were calling you and also with their name details. In this case, searching for a global mobile number is very easy, and it is almost free to use. And here we are going to find out the name of the person and their location by using the True Caller Mobile applications.

True Caller: True Caller is a best application which comes for free, that can be easily suitable for all kinds of Smartphones that are available nowadays. True Caller is a directory of global mobile numbers which consists of millions of mobile numbers and their identities. It has the details of all the global mobile users and along with their names.

Working of True Caller: True Caller is a mobile app, once you installed that application on your mobile; it will provide you the caller information in your mobile phone. After installing this application in your mobile, if you get any call from a number, then the True Caller will automatically get the information about the caller. The True Caller application will search the global directory for the mobile number and gets you an identity about the person who was calling you. In other cases, the True Caller application acts as caller id for the mobile number that are not present in the mobile phones and also for the number which are not present in your address book.

For example, if you were getting a call from a number say XXXXXXXXXX, then the True Caller application will find out the identity of the persons who is calling you. But the main thing is that, the True Caller application will need an active internet connection for this application to work.

How to Find out the Mobile Number details through online: True Caller allows you find the details of the person by accessing the True Caller website. The main thing is that, you have to register in the website. Don’t worry; registering in the True Caller website is totally free. Once you have logged in with your account, you can easily search the numbers in the website at any time. Even you can upload all the mobile numbers from your mobile contact in to the True Caller website and make it visible for the True Caller global directory.

Even you can unlist your mobile number from the True Caller global directory, if you want to maintain a privacy, then you can easily remove your number from the True Caller directory by simply clicking the unlist my Number in the True Caller website. This let you to remove your number from the True Caller Global directory.

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