Monday 27 January 2014

How to Dual Boot Windows 7/8 and Ubuntu

Dual Boot
Most of the people around this globe has own their personal computer and they can easily complete their various works by easily using their personal computers. The technology has made their life more portable, the laptops have been made their work more portable and they can easily use their laptop for various kinds of task.In this modern world of technology, we use operating system such as Windows 7/8, Mac OS and also many of the people use Linux Operating system. One operating system has a feature which doesn’t found in the; if anyone wants to use both operating system in their machine, then this post is suitable for you. In this post, I have shared information regarding how to boot dual boot in your computer, and here it go;
Steps for Dual Boot (Windows and Ubuntu)

Here you can found the various levels of steps for dual boot your personal computer with Windows Operating system with the Ubuntu.

Step 1: Open your Browser from the Windows operating system, and open the Ubuntu Website.

Step 2: Download WUBI from the Ubuntu website, and click on the Get the Installer in the Menu.

Step 3: Once you have clicked the Get the Installer over the Menu, you will be asked to select the various options and you will be asked to pay $2 for each services that you need to be installed in your personal computer.

Step 4: Now you need to slide down everything to zero (0), and then proceed to download.

Step 5: Now you will be asked to download the files which sized as 2.4MB and click the download files.

Step 6: Download the file and double click the wubi.exe and select yes to proceed.

Step 7: Now start installing the Ubuntu in your computer, provide the installation size to 18GB and select the environment as Ubuntu and select user account, provide user name and password to login into your windows account.

Step 8: Click install and it takes more than 15 minutes to install the Operating system in your personal computer.

 Step 9: After the Ubuntu operating system has been installed in your personal computer, restart your computer and wait for the Boot menu. You will find a menu which shows, Windows and Ubuntu Operating system to boot.

Step 10: Now just click your Operating system as Ubuntu by simply clicking the down arrow button in your Keyboard, this will select the operating system as Ubuntu in your personal computer.

Step 11: Now you need to select the packages which has to be installed as an additional packages in the Ubuntu Operating system, after selecting proceed to install. This will take few more minutes to install.

Step 12: Now you need to enter the username and password for your Ubuntu operating system, this will lead you to the Ubuntu operating desktop screen.

Now you have successfully booted the dual operating system in your computer successfully.

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