Saturday 18 January 2014

Visuals Meet Voiceover: Unleashing the Power of Explainer Videos

Owners have passion.  They have explanation, vindicating the production and sale of product and services.  What they don’t have is the masses’ understanding.  Such passionate owners need to impassion consumers, getting the public equally excited.
How can a small to mid-sized business owner do it?  A growing number use explainer videos to communicate effectively.  Better communication – that’s what separates popular from obscure brands.  Today’s go-to brands were once unknown by the public.  Through proper public relations and marketing, small brands make bigger impacts, growing in awareness and revenue.


Use of products and services, along with fixed problems, may not be apparent to the public.  Vendors do well in explaining, in non-technical language, how a product or service functions along with the benefit of exacting such.
How-tos serve as practical demonstrations as well as implicit marketing tools.  Small and large-sized business owners vindicate products by showing rather than telling.


Video explanation warrants more interaction.  Key, company personnel may display personalities in videos, bridging a gap of awareness between personalities and brands.  From there, consumers search for personalities on social media, creating further ties to a brand.
Branding encapsulates all a brand does and relays to its public, an important and sometimes ‘unseen’ aspect of marketing and business operation.  Video expression did wonders for a number of tech startup brands, including Dropbox.


Teachers leverage a number of classroom tools to convey lessons.  Providing a mixture of multimedia allows for broader lessons as well as concentrates on individual student preferences.  Visual learners prefer seeing information for internalization; therefore, movies, plays, and photos help visual learners solidify conveyed lessons.  Alternatively, some are tactile learners, needing to ‘do’ the work to fully understand associated information.
Videos offer multi-sensory and visual cues to onlookers, helping others realize the value of provided information and associated products and services.  All one needs is a bit of time, interest, a YouTube account and a video device (smart phones work too!). For working offline, some video downloading software like YTD couldn’t hurt either.


Search engines like Google index videos and provide them as answers to user queries.  Within a body of elicited results, videos stand out above text-based choices, great for attracting traffic and eventual sales.  Aside from helpful guidance and opportunity to express brand personality, videos help brands gain traffic, propelling broader online marketing campaigns.
More consumers and businesses use the Internet to seek needed goods and services.  Fickle behaviors present little cue to ‘cracking the code’ of online marketing; however, video ‘snippets’ help particular brands gain attention in the results.

Sale Cycle Distinction

For particular goods and services, videos fulfill an integral chain of the sales cycle, sometimes lost on remote and worldwide vendors.  People prefer personalization and great customer service, using the Internet for reduced prices and convenience.  Videos help provide better service while remaining a remote sentiment, available for any person any place in the world to view.
Consider a clothing vendor.  Some seek online vendors, hoping to save money and rid them of the need to leave the house.  However, that convenience and price is offset when poor-fitting clothing arrives at the door.  Exhibiting clothes, showing how shirts, pants, etc fit, help consumers make better decisions.  In such a scenario, a live interaction evades fitting issues, but a video provides equal level of service while the consumer stays at home in pajamas.
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