Saturday 18 January 2014

Moto G Review

Moto G
Motorola to regain its position in market has launched Motorola G. The best making of Motorola experienced at Moto G at affordable price compared to the previous one Moto D. Motorola join hands with Google and Google stamps prevails all over them to share surprise in common. For all you Motorola lovers, this will be a best choice to afford.


• Display resolution is 1280x720 at 4.5-inch, 326ppi Display.

• Memory storage up to 8 or 16G, therefore you can play with app in market and many more music.

• A good camera quality produced at 5MP rear camera and supports 1.3MP front-facing.

• To deal up with Wi-Fi connection it provides 802.11n, supports HSDPA over mobile internet.

• Bluetooth is configured at version 4.0.


• If you afford to get excellent mobile at low price, this with no surprise offers you the best.


At first it is not going to offer a comfort zone, but on usage it offers you the best and similar to the model of iPhone 3G and iPhone 3G. The problem prevailing with Moto G states that, it is hard to remove back case whenever you need to switch to different. Micro USB port is really hard to middle up.An average customer feels it annoying unless he is used to it. Else other than this it feels a good design is offered.


Moto G is not compromised with the features available in it. If offers many unique features such as Moto Care, for instance that offer technical support through message or phone. This tends to provide Driving, meeting, sleeping at different mode that surely excites you.

Motorola Migrate offers to get old setting, text message, call history, media and lots more once you change over to another phone.


This isn’t that smart compared to other phone but while using it, offers really smooth and quick OS operations. Considering this speech recognition also works out in same manner availing with accuracy. Owing to this advantage the cons of this product is it lags speed while using the browsers.Camera on Moto G isn’t that good, but sense as if ok on normal instance.


Motorola has really worked out to bring a better screen at instance. It is not full HD, but clarity provided is worthwhile for money you offered to get that. 326ppi Display is used which looks similar iPhone 3G. High bar pixel density is provides as Apple has provided in iPhone 5s.


Battery backup decides to be the braking factor to purchase a phone. This situation is made ease by Moto G offering a good battery backup. It seems phone has got around three days on average which seems really to be crazy for smart phone.

Bottom Line

Motorola has really proven its potential on designing Moto G. Though it performs less than Moto X released by Google, Moto G makes a surprise mark in place of Moto X owing to its price. This phone may not be a priority to others, but consider while traveling it is better to prefer for Moto G.

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