Wednesday 8 January 2014

Intel Edison A Computer Of The Size Of An SD Card

Intel Edison
Intel has missed the turn of mobile computing, but wants to get ahead of those computers technology. They are advancing very rapidly in that direction with his family Quark processors.

The technology now requires new kinds of more efficient and more powerful smaller processors - that perfectly describe the X1000 Quark, presented last September by Intel. Their cores are five times smaller than the Atom processors and consume up to ten times less energy, while being as powerful as Pentium processors.

This kind of processors allows Intel to build a real computer with in an SD card. A computer named Edison, which thus contains a Quark dual-core processor, NAND storage and Wi -Fi and Bluetooth chips. Running GNU / Linux with a specific version of Wolfram, it can for example be used to control devices - think “Raspberry Pi “in much smaller. Edison, which will be offered to developers this summer, is one of the reference designs expected to demonstrate the possibilities of Quark platform.

It was obviously evokes an Intel shows connected and is the one of the star product of this CES 2014. Since the Intel wants completely independent it wish to do more soon. Equipped with its own network and GPS chips, it does not need to connect a Smartphone to notify the user of various events. It is not limited to connect to watches only and Intel has presented a strange headset which is its own independent project which is able to notify you of the delay of a participant in an appointment or to guide your steps in the search a restaurant.

In short, an "intelligent" assistant whispering in your ear, as Jarvis Iron Man which he also uses the name. Intel has also confirmed its “Dual OS " ad eclipsed by Intel's desire to rid all processors' raw materials of shame.” A laudable goal, Apple is also trying to achieve but still in progress.

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