Saturday 18 January 2014

How to Increase Internet Speed and Fix DNS Errors

Google Public DNS
Almost everyone has come across this problem in your personal computer, The Webpage is not available. Yes of course, this phrase will make us to feel bad when we see that thing. In most of the times, you would notice that DNS look-up failed. You can easily speed up your internet speed by changing the perfect DNS. Even you have a better internet connection; sometime you would end up in very slow internet connection. This is the reason of bad DNS setting for your personal computer or for your laptop. Before changing into the ways, you need to know what actual DNS do is.

Actually, DNS stands for Domain Name System, which allows you to connect with the various web servers. It is a actual address assigned to each and every web hosts that are available in the internet. If any one of those gets failed, at the time you were opening that page, then you may experience this DNS look-up failure. Suppose, if you were going to open the Google webpage. The DNS of the Google is not opening and it fails to resolve it, then it will lead to DNS look up failed.

In this case, you can ask your ISP to check up the DNS problem or else you can choose the third party DNS address for surfing. This will provides you more faster internet connection when compared to the other default DNS address. In the following steps, you can learn how to set up a Third party DNS address in your Windows operating system. Before changing into the public or third party DNS, make sure that your ISP supports these kinds of Public DNS. If you change into the public DNS, then you can easily experience faster internet with nice security features.

Steps to Change the DNS setting: 

• Go to the Control Panel in your Personal Computer

• Then, click over the Network and Internet in the Cpanel. Then Click into the Network and Sharing Center.

• Select the Internet connection that you want to change the DNS. Right Click on the Internet Connection and Click on the Properties.

• In the Property Menu, click over the Internet Protocol Version 4 i.e., TCP/IPv4

• Now click on the Property Button, it will gives you a pop up window with few text boxes. Look for any DNS which is already given, that may be used for any future references. Write it down and they can be replaced if your new DNS is not working.

• Click on the DNS and Change it into and, after that click ok.

• Now restart your connection and as well as the personal computer. Now Start internet with more speed and performance.

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