Monday 13 January 2014

Create a Logo that Stands Out

A logo is a symbol that will represent your company for many years to come. That is why careful thought and effort must be put into the design process. This article outlines some of the most pertinent points for what makes a strong logo so that you can create the best logo possible.
Remembering not to overcomplicate your logo is so important. It should be a summary of your company description and core values. It need not feature lots of intricate patterns or an elaborate image in order to try and make it look interesting. Think of the logo as the ‘elevator pitch’ to your prospective customers and business partners. You only have a short time, and in the logos case a small amount of space, in order to communicate your message effectively. This is why you have to think simplistically when you are sketching out ideas. The tendency to overcomplicate can be very tempting but trying to keep things simple is always the way forward. Some of the best logos have been the simplest ones; think about Nike, Apple, and McDonald’s for example. These have one central image and have all been able to make their mark.
Engaging your Potential Customers
Your design must captivate the target audience. Engaging the consumer when there is so much that can potentially distract them is a tricky task. However, creating a logo which carries meaning and an effective message is one way you can do so. Think about using the elements of your design cleverly to create visual puns or hidden meanings that can be easily discovered with a short look. Obviously, if your logo is too abstract you will find yourself losing your customer’s interest and diluting the message of your brand. Therefore keeping this simple and stimulating will help the logo to stand out and give it more versatility in how it is incorporated into marketing materials. Remember your logo design is part of the communications strategy and must tie in no matter what media it is on.
Making Your Logo Future-proof
The longevity of a logo is crucial in the design process. Thinking of a design that will still look modern and fresh ten of twenty years from now is something a logo designer must think about. This is why it is advisable to stay away from trends within the logo industry. Even though these may look good now, just like most things in fashion, they are in one minute and out the next. For example logos that are purely a typeface are very good for standing the test of time, for example IBM. On the other hand, when you start playing around with certain effects such as gradients and drop shadows, this may begin to look unprofessional.
Always Rely on Vector
You may want to experiment with the different effects and illustrations you have on your logo but the reality is, the end result may not be all that. Crisp shapes and lines that are filled with one or two colours is the perfect way of creating your memorable logo. Think about experimenting with vector based designs as this will give you the best chance of getting the right contrast and balance. It will also enable the quality of the graphic to be maintained when you change the scale. 
Keep it Relevant
An eye- catching logo is fantastic but it needs to be relevant. The design must captivate the essentials of what you are selling or offering to the customer.
Originality is Key
The premise that your company needs to be easy to identify by the logo is one that is constantly mentioned in the logo design industry. That is because many brands seem to copy trends and piggyback off the other original designs. This does absolutely nothing for making your brand and company image distinctive and memorable.

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