Thursday 30 January 2014

Opera 19 with Bookmark API Released!

Opera 19

Opera has been released its browser in a new version Opera 19 . The Opera19 web browser has the latest release of some interesting features that Google Chrome have already.

 Among other things, there is a new Bookmarks Bar for managing bookmarks, wallpapers for the individual design of the browser extensions and a new section for advanced user’s settings. According to the developer's blog, the new stable release will be presented with the version number 19.0.1326.47.

Opera thus offers very similar features, such as based on the same rendering engine flashing Chrome browser. The new bookmarks API brings a one - collapsible bookmark bar which can be operated under Windows simply by dragging and dropping. With the reintroduction of bookmarks a basic function comes back; which was completely lacked since version 15. Now Photos can be used in the browser as wallpaper (right click on photos that are opened in the browser - "Use Image as Theme" > ).

 In the available extensions, there are two major innovations; first one is, there is a blacklisting of add- ons as well as an inline -install option. On the other hand, there are still a number of smaller improvements that have been set out in detail in the change log.

In addition, Opera Software announced that it has provided a more than 700 enhancements in total for users benefit. Opera have currently created a few new settings with the Opera 19.0.1326.47 and Opera has made available the new version for OS X too. The updates are now available for free.

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