Saturday 4 January 2014

Top 5 Best Google Play Store Alternatives



AppBrain is one of the best alternative apps for the Android market. AppBrain is the software which serves as an enhancement software. AppBrain shows your apps that you purchased, downloaded and it also shows the updates available for already present software in your Android device.

AppBrain has already updated to next level of social media capabilities. By this you can see what are the apps your friends have downloaded and installed on their phones and with the help of this you can also share the app you have with them. There is an option that you can sync your phone with the computer so that you can download apps for your phone directly from the computer and it automatically installed in your phone.


F-Droid is the open source software which is offered for free for the wide range of Android users. F-Droid has features of warehouse where all the apps which are available and updates are scheduled. F-Droid has an option to set. This option automatically detects the apps which are already present in your phone. It also shows the updated version of the available app. If there is any multiple version app, F-Droid will show all the version of the app.


SlideMe is the app which is the best alternative Android app market. SlideMe provide everything for the users when it comes to the Global Market. SlideMe also provides the developers to deliver their app directly in the market on a world wide scale. SlideMe has a option which is “hire this developer” button. With the help of this button we can also make a deal with the programmers for making specific software. Here most of the software is available for free. With the help of this app we can also provide donations for the developers. This option makes the developers to develop more app.

Amazon Appstore: 

Amazon Appstore is the appstore which is owned and run by Amazon. Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world. This is the main reason why the Amazon Appstore is considered as the alternative app for the Android Appstore. Amazon Appstore has the required resources, experience and authority which help to market their apps. In the Amazon Appstore, there is an app review process which can guarantee the quality content for every consumer. For both the consumer and the market the Amazon Appstore works best.


GetJar is the app which can give even the Gold rated category app for free. This makes the GetJar different from Android store. In the Android store the Gold rated category apps are acquired for some price. Gold category means they are like the top of the list apps. GetJar provides this in a legal way. So there is no worry about the privacy.

It is not the matter where you are downloading the app, whether it may be main app market or the alternative, what’s important is download the app which is suitable and safe for your gadget.

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