Friday 10 January 2014

Audi Smart Display, A Tablet PC For Car Operation

Audi Smart Display
Audi is showing; How the automotive future looks like at this year's CES (7 to 10.1 in Las Vegas. ), Among others, with its Smart Display. The Smart Display Audi is based on Android and has a ten-inch touch screen. Current vehicle data rates (such as fuel consumption and distance traveled), plan routes, regulate the air conditioning or the music system of car all can be monitored and modified accordingly.

 These all goes with the Tablet PC Smart Display by the Audi at the CES presented in 2014 - a delight for the passenger or the passengers in the back seat! The Ingolstadt-based carmaker has integrated a number of self-developed apps in the Android device.

This has a ten -inch display, and boasts all the essential features of the things and software available for a tablet, such as the access to the Google Play Store. Even the Internet browsing works well while driving, the Smart Display uses the built- in new Audi models LTE module. Compared to current tablet PCs, the Smart Display Audi looks quite chunky.

This is due to the robust aluminum housing. According to Audi, the device is designed so that it can withstand temperatures from minus 40 to plus 80 degrees Celsius without any damage to the hardware and software- so it can stay in the car even on sweltering summer days and cold winter nights.

The Audi Smart Display is still in development stage. When the device serial production attained and the price can be announced, until then we have to wait. But it is clear that Audi will offer its Smart Display only as an adjunct to a new car; individually it should not come on the market.

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