Wednesday 22 January 2014

AMD Released Warsaw Opterons With Lower TDP

Warsaw Opterons
AMD have officially presented two Warsaw Opterons 6338P and 6370P. As expected, both are specified with 99 Watt TDP, the clock rates are correspondingly lower than that of the 115 -watt models published earlier in 2012. Without much notice, AMD has released two new Opteron models namely 6338P and 6370P.

Both server processors are compatible with the LGA socket G34 and are at a TPD of 99 watts higher performance per watt than their offer Abu Dhabi predecessor mentioned. The new CPUs are identified by the suffix P, arrange themselves but apart from that in the existing Opteron 6300 - a naming scheme: The 6338P over clocked under load with 2.0 to 2.5 GHz and the 6370P reached 2.3 to 2.8 GHz.

Thus, the Warsaw models are the slowest 12 - and 16-core Opteron processors in the line-up, only the Opteron 6366 HE is clocked even more lower. The relatively low frequencies and the mature 32- nanometer manufacturing allow AMD to specify the Warsaw chips with 99 watts, thereby increasing the efficiency will be higher than the 115 -watt models.

Calculation with base clock at baseline provides the 6338P a meager 3 percent higher performance per watt than the 6344, with turbo is 12 percent. Compared to the Abu Dhabi Opterons; the Warsaw processors increased efficiency in 2P and 4P servers.

The Warsaw processors use the older Piledriver architecture, two so-called Orochi. This will be connected in the MCM process by HT links on a carrier. This also results in the four- channel memory interface, bringing the chips are well suited for RAM - intensive applications in a comparatively low server.

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