Sunday 5 January 2014

Application for Capture video on PC

Recording video in our Personal Computer is one of the most searched things in the most of the Search engines. You can record videos by capturing various events that are happening in our life in our Personal Computer screen and we can use it for tutorial purposes as well as for business purposes. Even we can use them for recording games that has been played by us and we can upload them in video sharing websites for fun. Sometimes it can be used to record live streaming content and also video chat sessions for later use.

In order to record video from your screen, you need a better source of software which should have series of features for recording live sessions very effectively. You must need a dedicated program for recording those videos and it must record properly without any problems. There are bunch of applications are available in the market for recording the videos more effectively.

The various features for recording the video in your Personal Computer screen are

1. Highlighting mouse activities in order to shows better actions
2. Panning over the screen
3. Highlighter tool to draw something over the screen
4. Screenshot capabilities
5. Basic video editing
6. Sound capturing from external source of inputs and so on

Here I have shared few applications which are used to capture the screen and they are;

1. Screen Castle: 

Screen Castle is best web based application for recording entire screen along with the computer audio which is available in your personal computer. Screen Castledoesn’t requires any kind of registration purposes or any separate software installation for using this software. You need to simply hit the big red colored button to start the recording purposes in the website. This will be very easier process for recording video that is happening in your screen. Once the recording gets over, it gives you series of links for downloading and editing video.

 2. Camstudio: 

The second place goes to Camstudio. Since it is a freeware and open source application which let you to create and capture video by recording the screen. You can even record simultaneously various events which are happening in your desktop screen. You can record the screen and webcam videos and you can even get screen panning with annotations. Camstudio also provide you a better tool which helps you to highlight your screen activities with mouse highlighting too.

3. CaptureFox: 

CaptureFox is a best add-on for your Mozilla Firefox from which you can capture videos and also it allows you to record audio and screen. You can even capture the video frame by frame by using the CaptureFox. CaptureFox records the video in .avi file and you can save those files on your personal computers very easily.

4. Screen Virtuoso PRO:

Screen Virtuoso PRO is a best application which can be totally free. You can use this application for totally free. But you need a license if you want to use it for commercial purposes.

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