Tuesday 28 January 2014

How to Create My Own Animated GIFs Online - 5 Best Ways

GIF: Graphics Interchange Format was developed in 1987 by CompuServe; GIF is a process in which images are compressed without comprising with the quality of the image. If you go through internet, you will find lot of gif images in almost all websites, nowadays the most famous social networks like Facebook and twitter are flooded with gif`s. Tumblr is one such pool for gif images where you can find lot of gif`s , they are fun actually.

Well even you can create a animated gif on your own, creating your own animated GIF in a online website is the best way as it is more customizable and gives less burden to the users. It hardly takes 5 minutes to create a GIF, lets go through some of the famous websites which are user friendly even for a beginner to create it easily.

1. GIFMaker.me is a free website where you can upload a max of 10 images at a time; also you can make a gif directly from a YouTube url. The image limitati.on is 2mb. In the control panel of the website you can also see thumbnail preview of your animated GIF before you create it, It also gives you time to customize various other settings as well. The only disadvantage is it doesn’t have option to add text.

2. Picasion has more features in the form of webcam. Apart from uploading photos from My computer it also gives option to add photos from Picasa, and Flickr account, In the webcam feauture you can set a timer and the number of shots the webcam has to shoot, later it can be customized into a GIF, like GIFMaker this too has disadvantage of not having ability to add text.Picasion is one of the most commonly used website to create GIF online.

3. ImgFlip is another website where you can create your own GIF, it actually gives you option to add video urls from any website and supports formats like flv, avi, mov, wmv, mpeg etc. It has an added feature of adding texts to the gif.

4. Gickr: This one is a good website for creating gif`s as it doesn’t considers the image size limit and like other 3 websites mentioned above Gickr too has all the custom options to personalize your creation.

5. Make a Gif (makeagif.com): Just another option for you which have all the common features that a gif online creation website should have.

So here we have came across 5 best ways to create your own animated GIF image online. Creating it online is the best efficient way, even you can create a gif by using various offline tools which you need to download from web but most of the times they will be a trial version or even if its not it may have a watermark on the gif which you will create, so creating it online is always a better option. Go ahead and create one for you, Upload it in Tumblr, who knows if it goes viral it may reach to millions of people in web.

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