Wednesday 15 January 2014

Google buys Nest for $ 3.2 billion

Google announced yesterday a major acquisition of the company Nest, aged just three and a half years. It quickly earned a great name in the field of automation with smoke detectors and thermostats smarter, noted for their very worked and sober design. The Mountain View Company has clearly targets the home automation market. She just takes over the specialist Nest for $ 3.2 billion.

Nest is not well known in Europe because its products are mainly sold on American soil. It is produced in special design and worked oriented temperature management or smoke detection. The company has relationships with Apple and hence Google's acquisition thus raises many questions. It was created by two former Cupertino Matt Rogers and Tony Fadell, the latter being also the main designer of the iPod.

Fadell said the acquisition was a great opportunity to Nest and the whole operation would remain the same. The support will be provided, the products continue to be sold and applications for iOS and Android will evolve again. Nothing has yet been said about the Apple Stores, the Nest (thermostat) being officially sold there. Hence we can conclude Nest will therefore continue its activity and organization will be broadly unchanged. In an interview with The Verge, Tony Fadell says that despite a desire to remain independent, the Google offering was simply irresistible in this circumstance. Cofounder further explains that Google has really understood the vision of Nest on its products and that this was a crucial point.

But the question that remains is to actually know what Google intends to do business acquired from reinforcements billion. Rumored that; Google is just working on a project of smart thermostat. It is therefore possible that Mountain View has sought to directly acquire expertise in this area to enrich its own projects, or rather from an existing database and then integrate it with his vision. It is difficult predict that present how products and technologies Nest Google will merge. One can imagine such a scale of Android devices with new possibilities of interaction.

In addition, Google could like his voice recognition to further enhance ease of use. Finally, whether the Nest or the smoke detector, it is very likely a first step towards a broader vision of smart home. However, even if Nest has met with success, the theme of the connected home is not so easy to approach, even if the ESC has yet proven this year that he always so interested. Google’s initiatives in the field, however, have never marked the spirits and all disappeared.

This is particularly true of its Android Home initiative and PowerMeter service, which allowed monitoring the energy consumption of a home. This time, the firm thus enters the field through the front door. Finally , note that the conditions of use of products Nest will not change until further notice. As confirmed to The Verge, those currently in place will remain and there is no plan to change. In addition, the data will be managed by Nest in her lap and will not be mixed with those of other Google services.

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