Friday 24 January 2014

Top 10 Best Funny Google Tricks

Funny Google Tricks
We all Know, Google is the best Search engine in this universe. Google is considered as God of Internet and also it is considered as the best homepage for the internet users. You would have heard almost all kind of information about the Google. But here, I have discussed few of the tricks that you could do in the Google Search Engine. You can do these simple tips and easily you can surprise your friends by doing this in the Google Homepage. In this, I have listed top 10 tricks for Google Website.

1. Zerg Rush: This is the one of the best trick in the Google, This will provide you a ultimate rush in the Google search result. The circles will fall from the Top to Bottom, then there will be awesome rush like effect in the Google Site. Check this out for cool visualization in the Screen.

2. elgooG: You can See the name, it is the mirror of the Google website. If you were searching anything over the elgooG, then you will find the images are mirrored in the search results. 3. Google Sphere: Google Sphere is one of the most fantastic tricks for the Google. If you want to execute this trick, then go to and enter Google Sphere in the search box and Click on the I’m Feeling Lucky. Then you will find the best Google Trick of the year.

4. This trick will be suitable for the Lazy persons, you can enter the keyword in this website and you will get a link. This link can be shared to your friends; they will get the result search in their website.

5. Epic Google: Epic Google is the one of the trick, in which the size of the element in the website will be increase automatically. If you type Epic Google in the search bar and click on the I’m Feeling Lucky Button, then you will be automatically directed to the Epic Google website.

6. Do a Barrel Roll: This is one of my favorite tricks, in which the Google website will be rolled in the browser. If you want to do this trick, then type do a barrel roll in the Google Search Page and Hit the I’m feeling lucky button.

7. Google Tilt or askew: This is another trick for the; Go to the website, the type google tilt or askew and hit the I’m feeling lucky button.

8. Google Gravity: Google Gravity is the same trick which is similar to Google Tilt or askew, the both thing will show you the same output in the screen. Go to Google website and type Google Gravity, and then hit the Feeling Lucky button.

9. Google Terminal: It is another trick for Google, in which you can find Google page similar to Linux terminal appearance. Go to and type Google terminal, now hit the Feeling Lucky button.

10. Weenie Google: Like Epic Google, this trick will decrease the size of the item in the website.

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