Wednesday 29 January 2014

Top 5 Best Tablet Alternatives to the Apple iPad

Compal Tablet

The trend setter when it comes to design the Apple , “iPod” which has given birth to the world of on the go music players, then it was the “iPhone” which emerged the new generation of mobile phone, and the recently launched “iPad”, which was an head turner towards the touch screen for mobile computing (which already existed).

It is guaranteed that the Apple iPad will sell but it lacks many features such as multitasking. (Such as the lack of flash player)

It was the iPhone and again it looks like it had happened with the iPad; manufacturers are very eager to bring their own touch screen tablet computers, the latest being the WePad from German company Neofonie. So let us wait! Apple iPad is not only the game present in town. Sure it has got fancy interface, but these following ten tablets wins the fight between hardware devices, which is very crucial for many consumers. Here are 10 alternatives for the iPad.

1. Archos 9 PC Tablet

Archos was an important player in the MID market since it was launched. The Archos 9 PC Tablet is the manufacturers biggest slate device to up to date. The Archos proves that Apple is not only the one to build good looking devices. It has a price tag which starts at $549, the Archos 9 PC Tablet it is an awesome device and has beautiful looks. It boasts an Intel Atom Z510 1.1 G Hz processor, 1GB Ram, and which is also available in two variants, 80GB & 160GB. A very high resolution 9-inch touch screen and a two way positioned leg-stands make it flawless for hands free and media on the and there is no need for the purchase of additional equipments. It runs on Windows 7, also supports full high definiton video playback, it has a built-in webcam for video conferencing & Skype and also supports flash playback.

2. Compal Tablet

It is the working prototype which was shown at the CES 2010. The Compal tablet boasts an 7-inch display and runs on Android 2.0, it is powered by next-generation NvidiaTegra 2 processor. The presence of this chip on this device supports 1080p video playback, and has good battery life.

3. Dell Mini 5

Dell Mini 5 it is the device with smaller dimensions present on the list which boasts an 5-inch touch screen which makes it easy to use. This device comes in with a faster 1GHz Snapdragon processor which also has other features such as 3G, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. The outstanding feature of this device is to make phone calls and also has a awesome 5 megapixel camera

4. Fusion Garage’s JooJoo

It boasts an 12-inch screen and an built-in camera, it is an efficient competitor to the iPad . It can support 1080p of video streaming and also supports flash products. It boasts an Intel Atom / NVIDIA Ion which powers this tablet which has a good interface design and beautiful visual experience.

5. Google and HTC Tablet

Google has been already challenging duels with Apple in the mobile devices – the Google boasts an Android OS and also the Nexus One phones which are competition ,with iPhone directly Google may partner with HTC – it is the company behind the Nexus One – for any tablet computing initiative. The report already says that Google Tablet is already under development since the past 19 months. HTC can be an trusted logical choice of partnership. As still nothing has been announced officially Google Tablet is just on the entrant list for now.

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