Wednesday 8 January 2014

The Orbotix Sphero 2B Robot Can Travel Faster Than Man

Sphero 2B
The U.S. Company Orbotix has introduced a successor to the rolling robot Sphero. The U.S. manufacturer Orbotix exhibited their new electronic toy robo at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

The name of the Robot is Sphero 2B. Sphero 2B is a cylinder with two wheels, which is operated with a mobile device. The Sphero 2B is cylindrical and quite fast.

It is the successor of the ball Sphero robot 2 and it is controlled by the robot via an app. They are already available for Android and for iOS. A version for Windows Phone is in the works, said a spokesman of Orbotix. Data transmission is done via Bluetooth which consumes less energy.

The robot battery is charged via a USB interface. Sphero 2B reaches a speed of over 15 km / h. It is driven by both wheels and at the same time both wheels are driven independently. The manufacturer makes little detail about technical details.

And he elaborated about the details like Wheels, tires and wheel covers which are interchangeable. In addition there are other apps also, such as Augmented Reality games (AR). The Sphero 2B is equipped with infrared sensors, with which two robots can shoot each other. Orbotix provides Software Development Kits, with the help of which users can program the robot by themselves.

Sphero 2B is the successor of Sphero 2, - as the name suggests - is spherical. The user can let the ball robots, also controlled by the tablet or Smartphone to roll. He can use it as a controller for games. The Sphero 2B will be available in black and white. He will come to the market at the earliest. According to Orbotix the price of the Sphero 2B is around $ 100.

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