Saturday 18 January 2014

5 Reasons Why You Should Join Markerly’s Blogging Network

It is the network for sponsored content opportunities as well as getting paid for working with some top rated brands. They are content growth hackers with their focus in building the most powerful marketing platform enabling users to create offsite as well as onsite content targeting the attention of their audience. Those who have the inclination to write content could join their network of talented influencers and work with great brands which will be well compensated for their thoughtfully crafted work and creative content while drawing the attention of their audience.

Bloggers have an awesome platform of relating with their audience, get connected and also sell their product while creating awareness among their viewers through influencer marketing which is the best way for various brands to get connected with bloggers as well as the audience. Makerly, a well reputed portal who has partnered with several leading brands, is a full service network providing twenty hours blogger support, enabling them to work with brands like eMeal, Super Bowl, TruMoo, Levi to name a few, They have been advertising branded content to more than three million people a month all across the globe.

Those who love writing sponsored content have the liberty to join Makerly blogger network, though they need to fulfill certain criteria at the time of sign up process is essential, since they are focused on quality blog posts for bloggers having engaged audiences. Moreover, Makerly pays the bloggers within forty eight hours of the post going live. Influencer marketing has many advantages, is unique for several reasons and in order to target the brand, the need of a huge audience is essential.

Leveraging influencers is an awesome way to enable the brand to be viewed which can be placed in an influencer existing content that can reach out to the audience at large. It provides value for the bloggers for months and probably even years as it does not disappear. Moreover influencer marketing also provides the advantage to create content where readers get the opportunity to share and comment.

Overall, it is a way of staying relevant and being where the potential customers can be in a non invasive and relevant manner. Besides, the engagement level is monitored by the technicians like pinching in a mobile screen, copy and paste, in order to accurately determine which of the influencers has the stickiest as well as loyal readers.

On joining their network, the influencer receives alert on the opportunities to work with brands which is appropriate with one’s readers interest and to be eligible, they need to follow their guidelines of either 100,000 page view for a month or an average of 10 comments per post. This network strives to work hard in cultivating a large and engaged audience through blogging and videos to enable the desired target and content is the most appropriate way of bringing about an awareness of the brand and the company.

To maintain a healthy blog is often not easy with many new posts on the rise and with Google killing SEO, it is all the more essential to produce good quality content which can stay on a regular basis. Instead of investing in SEO it would be advantageous in investing in content marketing strategy which can enable the influencer to increase searches as well as establish as a leader.

Moreover, content is also an apt way of sparking social awareness about the company, getting into dialogue on social media, increasing email newsletter sign ups and much more. Their subscription service provides coverage for a year enabling them to focus in building their business. They have end number of freelance writers in various verticals providing quality content and are the best blogging network available.

Makerly stands out as one of the top rated portal unlike the other influencer marketing platforms who have their focus on future advertising in building excellent products, which can bring about a change and add value to brands, bloggers, readers as well as publishers. It also provides heat maps of the whole post enabling them to view what people have clicked on and also gets free products to review like wine from Last Bottle and Invino or cool earbuds from Jaybird, with all the desired assistance provided to those seeking their support.

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