Thursday 16 January 2014

The Google Chrome 32 (32.0.1700.77) with new features

Google Chrome 32
This situation, you might have probably experienced so many times out of nowhere is your PC suddenly make any sounds. Reason for this cause is usually recharged videos or commercials to the open web pages. The new version of the Chrome browser will help to resolve this situation. In order to identify the culprit faster, Chrome displayed in the tab index corresponding symbols to identify them, for tabs that make a noise, you will see a small speaker icon.

Accesses one of the tabs on your webcam, the Google browser responds with a recording symbol in the form of a red dot. Stream the content of a tab via chrome cast to your television makes the browser with a television icon’s attention. The developers have also extended to Tiles mode of the browser for Windows 8. In the Modern UI - View (formerly Metro) of Windows 8, the browser remembers now strongly of Google Chrome OS.

In the new app version, the browser behaves as a private system with some app - with typical freedoms. The Browser app starts a black background in full screen mode, in which surface the individual windows and programs (as usual from the desktop view), can be resize, move at the users wish. At the bottom of the screen there is a taskbar with App Launcher in placing Chrome apps from the Web Store.

This requires you use Chrome 32 on Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 as the default browser. In the classic desktop version, the program works as usual. Also there is so many new features like “Supervised users “. You as a supervisor define what another, for example a family member does with the browser. This allows you to, for example, prevent access to adult sites or watch from your PC to which pages can be visited in the supervised mode.

Google expands the protective functions of the browser. So Chrome 32 can be block your download, if there is a potential threat by malicious software; previously the user received only a warning. Chrome 32 introduces support for animated images in the WebP format (for such tasks is so far the GIF format in charge).

WebP is a system developed by Google image format that the Internet giant wants to establish itself as the new standard in the medium term. According to Google, it delivers in comparison with JPEG for smaller file size, a similar quality.

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