Wednesday 8 January 2014

Great Gadgets To Take On A Ski Holiday

Skiing holidays are a great activity-based break that all of the family enjoy. Whether you have younger children in your party, or complete novices to the slopes, skiing can be a fun thing to do which everyone can take part in. Skiing is a great way for groups to bond together, no matter what their skill level is, and the experience can be much more enjoyable if you have the latest equipment to try out when you reach the pistes. Gadgets don’t make for a great skiing holiday but they can make your getaway all the more enjoyable. So, what are the latest gizmos and devices that established skiers are taking with them this winter?

Heated Ski Gloves – About £40

Wearing super warm gloves is nothing new in the world of skiing. Keeping the wind out when you race down the slopes is nigh on essential so that you don’t get cold. You also want to keep snow out should you fall over. However, the latest trend is for heated ski gloves that not only keep your hands warm but allow you to continue to use touch screen technology without having to remove them. So, if you want to check the latest weather report on your smart phone or book a table with your tablet device whilst on the ski-chair, then heated ski gloves are the gadget for you.

DryGuy Boot And Glove Dryer – About £35

These devices sort out wet ski wear a lot quicker than conventional systems. They are designed to place your boots and gloves right over so that they dry from the inside out. Remember that you can use the gadget to warm your foot and hand wear in the morning, too. So, set it at breakfast time ready for when you first hit the slopes in the morning session.

Mobile Phone Insulator – About £18

These devices are more than just carry bags that help prevent your phone from becoming knocked if you should fall over. They help to keep your device warm which means that the battery life is extended. Many smart phones lose battery life at astonishing rates, particularly in cold conditions. Good insulators will also protect your phone from snow which can be a problem, especially if it melts into water inside your jacket.

Talus Pro Ski Mask – About £75

These are the latest in breathing technology for skiers. The product is designed to augment the air temperature of inhaled breaths. It also affords state of the art ventilation and will assist if you are one of those skiers who suffers from foggy ski goggles. Not only will it and to keep your face warm and dry, but will help you to see where you are going better.

Helmets With Build In Headphones – About £50

Just because you are skiing doesn’t mean that you should not be able to listen to your MP3 player or take a call for that matter. Head gear has always been an important part of skiing, not to mention fashion. However, for the latest trend go for a ski helmet that also doubles as a set of headphones from a cool ski-equipment manufacturer such as Red.
You don't need to spend a fortune to have some high-tech equipment with your the next time you go skiing. Skiers are well known for their love of equipment which, in some cases, can make all the difference, particularly if you ski competitively. However, with a modest budget you can still enjoy some of the devices that are making waves right now. Also remember to pack gadgets which you can use in the evening, back at the warm environment of your ski chalets.
Gary blogs about tech, but is also a keen sportsman in his spare time. He loves going to Courcheval every year.

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