Wednesday 29 January 2014

Microsoft SkyDrive is renamed OneDrive

As part of the renaming campaign, Microsoft is apparently feeling generous and have been given 20 GB of extra storage for one year. However, it is not yet clear how Microsoft selected this “valued customer“. The software giant Microsoft has entered in to the conflict with the British TV channel Sky and has to change the name of its cloud storage SkyDrive.

It is still unclear whether SkyDrive should be renamed only in Britain, else throughout the globe. In future the SkyDrive will be called as OneDrive making the name similar to their game console Xbox One and the Domain will soon replace the and already a promotional video has been published.

The agreement entered with Sky Broadcasting Group has given reasonable time to migrate to the new name and the whether the agreement include cash payment was not yet known. This is the second set back for Microsoft earlier it was forced to retire from use of “Metro” in the user interface of Windows 8 since the Metro AG group challenged the use.

Defeated in court by British TV channel Sky in 2013, Microsoft was forced to abandon to SkyDrive brand. Hence online storage file services of Microsoft’s SkyDrive, name will be changed. This was formally announced by Ryan Gavin, head of services and applications, in a blog post without giving much detail.

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