Thursday 16 January 2014

Top 10 best tips on how to repair your computer yourself

how to repair your computer
How many times have you invited the technician for fixing your computer? Have you ever wondered about fixing your computer by yourself? Wanna know some tips to repair your computer by yourself? Well here you are...

1. Let’s start: 

First of all computer is not a device of the intellectuals. If you know to operate the device then you know to handle the problem too. Let’s learn about it first. It’s an ordinary device just like any other device. First analyze what kind of problem your computer has encountered whether it’s related to hardware or whether it’s related to your operating system.

2. Resources for your problem: 

After you’ve found what your problem is, find the resources needed. For e.g. if your computer has a problem on your fan then buy the fan. Buy with care. Give attention to what you buy. Quality is more important when it come to electronic goods. Online shopping is well suited for this. Do not stress on cheap products.

Analyze your problem on net and find what all they’ve provided for the solution. Watch video tutorials related to your problems and come to a conclusion.

3. Basics: 

Other than the problem, first learn the basics such as speeding up your PC. A computer becomes slow after a particular period of time. It’s quite natural. So buy the necessary software’s needed to speed your PC. Scan your PC often such as Ccleaners.

4. Uninstall the unwanted: 

Your computer might have loads of unwanted softwares. Uninstall them using the default uninstaller or RevoUninstaller. It is strongly advised to defragment your Hard Drive once in 3 months. Keep your PC clean externally as well as internally.

5. Virus protection: 

There may be loads of free anti-virus available on the internet. But mostly they’re trial versions. Money isn’t a matter. Try to buy an anti-virus package. Scan your PC once in 3 days.

6. Re-install your OS: 

Is your problem not yet fixed? Format your drive where your OS exits and re-install the OS. And almost it fixes 90% of your problems.

7. Blue Screen problem: 

It’s a rare event to occur. This problem is due to bad memory modules. It isn’t hard and costly. It’s cheap too. Increase your RAM capacity. It’s worth it to boost your performance. Video tutorials are available on how to install memory modules.

8. Bloatware removal: 

Bloatwares are default softwares that are included in your computer that are intended to slow down your computer. When your computer slows don’t you might take it to a store where you pay load to remove these bloatware. Do not fall for it. Try to install PC Decrapifier which handles these kinds of problems.

9. Upgrade your RAM or hard drive: 

Try to upgrade your RAM or Hard drive at least once a year. Well and good upgrades are available at the market for a good rate. Adding and installing new RAM’s are easy.

10. Maintain the status: 

Keep your PC in the same running condition. Maintain the status intact.

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