Thursday 2 January 2014

Popular Hunting Guns and Accessories

Many people enjoy hunting in the great outdoors. Of course, hunting involves firearms, so it is important to find a firearm that you can use safely and comfortably. In order to do this, you have to know what kinds of hunting weapons are on the market. You need to use a gun that is suitable for your hunting location, and the animals that you intend to hunt.
The bolt action rifle is a well known hunting gun. This has become a mainstay amongst hunting enthusiasts. It can be used to hunt deer, or large game on a safari. These rifles are very safe and only require one shot to kill an animal. A few of the most popular models are the Mauser M98, the Winchester Model 70 and the lever action rifle. The latter named weapon utilizes a lever on the trigger for bullet cartridge loading. Lever action rifles are a favorite with hunters, because they can fire bullets quicker than bolt action rifles. Many hunters use this gun in marshlands and forests. Examples of lever action guns are the 1895 and 1894 Marlin Models, the Savage Model 99 and the Browning BLR.
Another kind of hunting gun is the semi automatic. This is available as a shotgun or rifle. Normally, semi automatics are used to shoot deer and birds in areas that are not heavily populated (for safety reasons). Examples of this type of gun include the Remington Model 750 and the Ruger Model 44.
Lastly, there is the pump action (or slide action) shotgun. This is slower than many other guns, however it enables the hunter to combine different kinds of loads. The Remington Model 7600 is the most famous pump action shotgun.
Downrange wads were designed by hunters, for hunters. They lessen the accumulation of plastic in the barrels, and are excellent for hunting and target loads. They allow you to achieve the maximum spread, without many gaps in the pattern. Downrange wads are crucial for shotshell reloading, because they occupy additional space inside the hull. This ensures that there is no space for the powder and shot to move about. Also, they function as a barrier inbetween the shot charges and powder. This facilitates correct powder ignition, and protects the shot from seal gasses and hot gasses. This enables the shot to be launched down the barrel. Moreover, these wads serve as dual barriers, which prevent the barrel from being harmed by hard shots, and prevent soft shots from being deformed by making contact with the tough barrel steel.
The problem with government imposed gun regulations is that only law abiding citizens would turn in their weapons. You would have to be very naïve to think that criminals would take any notice of legislation banning firearm ownership. In a society where the private ownership of guns is forbidden, only the government and law breakers own firearms. Hence, unarmed citizens are helpless to resist anyone who tries to oppress them. In practice, gun ownership deters more criminals than it helps.
Article written by Fred Dorsey.

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