Friday 24 January 2014

EmoSPARK - First Artificial Intelligence Home Console

Power your digital world with independent life.When I read about EmoSPARK the first thing strike on my mind is Jetsons. I still all those movies which I have watched during my childhood about artificial intelligence, now the days have arrived to witness one in the form of EmoSPARK.


Artificial Intelligence platforms have come a long way in the past 10 years alone the “technological singularity” predicted by researchers and commentators is no longer a far-fetched theory, but is rapidly becoming part and parcel of our daily lives. Yet to this day, AI is still viewed as a distant and isolating portent of a technocratic world gone haywire. The time for us to reclaim that singularity is now. Emo Spark was created with one objective in mind: to allow for a true and meaningful understanding between technology and the human emotional spectrum. EmoSpark has accesses within Wikipedia and Freebase, as well as it is being connected to NASA`s satellite MODIS, it can access all the up to the minute details on global happenings and current affairs.

What is Emo Spark?

The future is here. Emo Spark is the most innovatively innovation from EmoShape, Ltd. Which allows you to transfer your real life emotions and desires directly onto a digital platform using state of the art AI measurements and technology. Emo Spark is Android powered with Wi-Fi/Bluetooth cube that allows users to create and interact with an emotionally concise intelligence through interactions, music, and visual Medias. Instantly, the cube creates ancustomized Emotional Profile Graph (EPG) which actually collects and measures a unique emotional input from the user. The EPG allows the cube to virtually “feel” senses such as pleasure and pain; and “expresses” those desires according to the user`s mood. Emo Spark will not only take gaming, but also your TV, smart phone or computer to an entirely different level from anything ever experienced before.

General information

Emoshape Ltd is dedicated to provide powerful and easy-to-use technology which works on the emotions. Emoshapehas announced that they have started the prototyping of the first Emotions Processing Unit – EPU on DSP in the prototyping of a first generation of processor representing a significant advancement for the purpose of Artificial Intelligence Devices and Technologies

EmoSPARK is so unique in several ways, the way it processes and functions, draws on your hopes,it developsalong with your family requirements which makes it unique unlike any other devices in your home.EmoSpark has a conversational engine data of about 2 millions lines, and it can save the lines which you interact with it.Its virtually a new member in your family which soon gets to know about the likes and dislikes of the people around it with its unique Emotion Processing Unit,EmoSPARK can feel the variety of human emotions which is based on 8 primary emotions : Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Trust, Anger, Fear, Anticipation and Surprise. People who are interested have to sign up in their website and they will send you information about how to get 25$ discount on your EmoSPARK.

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