Thursday 16 January 2014

Support for Windows XP is partly extended!

Windows XP

Microsoft announced earlier that April 8th 2014 will be the final closing for all updates for Windows XP but Microsoft announced surprisingly that Antivirus support goes into extra time until mid 2015 and it will be valid for all other updates also.

Microsoft says that the support for XP will be ended on 8 April 2014 and it has not changed and yet it is for Microsoft Security Essentials anti -virus updates to 14 July 2015 passed, the manufacturer has now informed in a press release on Technet . For enterprise customers, it is further definition updates for System Center Endpoint Protection, Forefront Client Security, Forefront Endpoint Protection, and give Windows Intune.

 The move comes not entirely unexpected. Almost all the businesses and people of XP are not switched to a different operating system for a long time. Still most of the people are using outdated operating system and it is around 14 percent of total computers in use in Europe alone, the U.S. Company said in December 2013.

To help businesses and consumers, promote the migration, the supply of anti -malware updates will now be extended considerably. Microsoft stressed, however, that the effectiveness of this measure is limited for which there will be no more updates operating system. Almost all companies running on Windows XP and they cannot be part them. Since most of the old software are not compactable on Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8.

Also the cost of upgrades of software industry is likely to deter many a company. With Windows 7 Professional license however, there is the free XP Mode. This virtual machine can help to continue working with old software. Nevertheless, there are cases where this does not help. There is no longer the XP Mode in Windows 8.

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